Texas Chain Saw Massacre game maps exits - escaping the room

Texas Chainsaw Massacre game maps exits guide

The Texas Chain Saw Massacre is a horror game that requires players to navigate through a terrifying environment and escape with their lives intact. With multiple exits available, knowing the game’s map and understanding how to use these exits is crucial. In this guide, we will break down every Texas Chainsaw Massacre game maps exits and provide step-by-step instructions on how to escape successfully.

Successfully escaping in The Texas Chain Saw Massacre requires careful planning and execution. Understanding the various exits available can increase your chances of survival in the game.

Read on to find out The Texas Chainsaw Massacre game maps exits. Always know where all the exits are, at any time.

Texas Chainsaw Massacre game maps exits

Here are all the available map exits in Texas Chain Saw Massacre:

Pressure Valve Exit

One of the exits in The Texas Chain Saw Massacre is the Pressure Valve Exit. This exit is initially blocked by a pressure valve pump, making it challenging to escape. However, with the right strategy, you can overcome this obstacle and make your way to safety.

To begin, look for signs pointing towards the valve door during your first escape from the basement. These signs indicate the potential exit. The first step is to locate a valve attached to an object. Once found, approach the valve and remove it, adding it to your inventory.

Next, search for a large canister where you can attach the valve. Once you’ve found it, attach the valve to the canister and turn it until the pressure is released. This action will open the exit for a limited amount of time. However, be aware that a Family member may attempt to repair the canister near the exit, forcing you to turn the valve again to keep the exit open.

Car Battery and Rear Exit

The Car Battery and Rear Exit are another potential route to escape in The Texas Chain Saw Massacre. This exit is easily recognizable as it is electrified and requires specific actions to unlock it.

Start by following the cable connected to the gate until you come across a car. The cable is attached to the car battery. Interact with the battery until the prompt disappears, deactivating the electrification of the exit. However, keep in mind that the door is also locked, so you will need an unlock tool to open it. Once the door is unlocked, you can make your way to freedom.

Generator and Road Exit

The Road Exit, which features a locked gate with a large green light, is yet another potential escape route in The Texas Chain Saw Massacre. To unlock this exit, you will need to locate and interact with a generator.

Follow the cable connected to the gate until you find the generator powering it. Similar to the car battery, interact with the generator until your character starts to kick it. Once enough power has been generated, the gate’s power will shut off. As with the previous exits, an unlock tool is necessary to open the gate and proceed to safety.

Fuse Box and Fusebox Exit

The Fuse Box and Fusebox Exit is a unique escape option located in the basement area of The Texas Chain Saw Massacre. To use this exit, you must find specific items and solve a puzzle.

Start by looking for a door in the basement that resembles a regular escape route but has a light to the side of it. This is the Fusebox Exit. To begin unlocking it, you need to find two separate objects: the fuse and the fusebox.

The fuse can be found attached to electronic equipment. Remove the fuse and head to the fusebox, making sure to grab an unlock tool along the way. Without the unlock tool, you won’t be able to insert the fuse into the fusebox. Once you have both the fuse and the unlock tool, it’s time to solve the puzzle.

The puzzle involves moving fuse pairs into the correct spots within the fusebox. Look for two rows of pairs on the right side of the fusebox, each with a corresponding white number underneath. Place the pairs on the left side of the fusebox so that their values add up to the corresponding numbers on the right. When the numbers turn green, it means the fusebox has been successfully repaired.

Now, head back to the basement escape door and make your way through it. Be aware that the exit door will close automatically if you take too long, requiring you to return to the fusebox and repeat the process to open the exit again.

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