stasis bone totem chapter 1 walkthrough harlie close-up with glasses on

Stasis Bone Totem Chapter 1 walkthrough

Have you been having issues wading through the many puzzles of this quite amazing sci-fi horror title? We don’t blame you, as some of its puzzles can be quite tough indeed. But do not worry, as here comes our Stasis Bone Totem Chapter 1 walkthrough.

Bone Totem is the sequel to the original Stasis game, developed and published by The Brotherhood in 2015. This sequel comes eight years later and features high production values, along with being clearly influenced by other titles from the developers, such as Beautiful Desolation.

But let’s not dawdle any longer, as we have to get through some difficult puzzles. Let’s get on with our Stasis Bone Totem Chapter 1 walkthrough.

Stasis Bone Totem Chapter 1 walkthrough

In order to get through the puzzles that you will find in the first chapter of this point and click adventure, here are all of our guides:

Alternatively, as we are aware images are good but if they are moving they are even better, we’ve also published a full walkthrough in video form over on our YouTube channel.

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Finally, we definitely recommend you take a look at our Stasis Bone Totem review, as we very much liked the game. This was one of the biggest surprises of the year so far, definitely a very solid point and click adventure experience.