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Stasis Bone Totem – how to restart power grid

We have been playing this interesting adventure game which does a great job of combining sci-fi and horror into a neat little package. But, man, those puzzles are definitely reserved for serious adventure gamers, right? So, let’s find out how to restart the power grid in Stasis Bone Totem.

This is part of some of the earlier puzzles in the game, which can end up being frustrating since we have started the game only a few hours before and we’d like to see a little more of the story before being stumped.

So, let’s not dwell around any longer. Below, you will find out Stasis Bone Totem how to restart power grid guide so you can progress in Chapter 1.

How to restart the power grid in Stasis Bone Totem

To restart the power grid, you need to ensure that the first and last dials are a dash. Then, switch the second dial to ‘FG’ and the third dial to ‘JJ’. Simply hit the power switch once you’ve done this and you’ve now got restored power to the oil rig. These tasks need to be completed by Mac, so make sure you switch to him if you are struggling to find out where to go.

You will get the clues to this code by reading Kurt Darren’s journal and then finding the note on the generator as Mac. These notes allude to the fact that the first and last dials need to be bypassed and that the middle two dials need to be specific initials.

Restoring the power is a required puzzle and blocks your ability to continue. Now you can move on and progress in Chapter 1 of Stasis: Bone Totem.

Hopefully, that’s all you needed to get you back on track in the game! For more guides on Stasis Bone Totem, feel free to check out our other guides on the game.