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Stardew Valley fair – best items explained

Stardew Valley Fair is an amazing event that makes this game a little more competitive than usual, and you also get to enjoy some great prizes like the Stardrop. But, the way the fair functions can easily confuse players, especially new ones. So, to simplify this process, here are the best items for the Stardew Valley fair that you can display.

During the fair, you participate in the Grange Display contest, in which you play some fair games and win points and items. Then, you have to put it on display for Mayor Lewis to judge. So, to maximize your chances of winning you need to make sure you know what type of items will yield the most points.

So, read on and find out about the best items for the Stardew Valley fair that you need to put on display to win this contest.

Stardew Valley fair - best items explained Character looking at their inventory

Best items for display during the Stardew Valley fair

The first thing to keep in mind during the item selection process is to focus on variety and quality. Second, make sure to fill all of the 9 slots as you can maximize your points just by filling all of the slots. Finally, the following are all of the best items you need to select to win the contest:

  • Crops: Silver Pumpkin, Silver Yam
  • Flowers: Golden Fairy Rose, Silver Poppy, Silver Sunflower
  • Fruits: Golden Cranberry Silver Blueberry
  • Animal Products: Egg, Large Milk, Truffle, Rabbit’s Foot
  • Artisan: Fairy Rose Honey, Poppy Honey, Cranberry Jelly
  • Fungus: Silver Chanterelle, Silver Purple Mushroom
  • Foraging: Golden Rainbow, Shell Silver Coral, Fiddlehead Fern
  • Gems: Silver Frozen Tear, Diamond
  • Resources: Iridium Bar, Gold Bar
  • Minerals: Artifacts found in Geodes
  • Fishing: Largemouth Bass, Golden Sturgeon, Golden Catfish, Golden Stonefish
  • Cooking: Pink Cake, Autumn’s Bounty, Pumpkin Soup

You only need items from six categories to get the perfect score. So, choose the items mentioned above and make sure you have a variety of them and you will definitely win the contest.

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