What does the pearl do in Stardew Valley? Character holding a pearl

What does the pearl do in Stardew Valley?

Stardew Valley has a variety of items that players can use to not only create amazing things but even gift them to other characters and get romantically involved with them. This is a neat feature as it encourages resource management and exploration simultaneously. However, among the items you can find, the pearl has confused the majority of players regarding its purpose. So, to help those players out, this article will answer the question of What does the pearl do in Stardew Valley?

It makes sense why some players may get confused about certain items just because of the sheer variety and quantity of them present in the game. And if you are a player who likes hoarding, then Stardew Valley will probably become a little hectic. But don’t worry we are here to help.

Read on and find out about what does the pearl do in Stardew Valley and what you can use it for.

What does the pearl do in Stardew Valley? Character talking to another character

What can you use the pearl for in Stardew Valley?

The pearl is a universally loved gift in Stardew Valley. This makes the pearl a pretty unique gift when compared to others. Most gifts will be hated or liked by a single character. This is not at all the case with the pearl. Everyone loves the pearl.

This is generally the main thing players use the pearl for. However, that is not all. If you’re looking to make money, it’s a great item. You can make the Bridal Veil with the help of the Sewing Machine or sell it for 2,500g. This makes pearl a pretty sought-after item as well.

What does the pearl do in Stardew Valley? Character running through a town

Where to find pearls?

The following are several ways to find pearls in Stardew Valley:

  • By fishing in the submarine ride at the Night Market Festival.
  • By fishing in Blobfish Fish Pond.
  • You can get one from Willy after filling a Fish Pond with 10 Crabs.
  • From the Artifact Trove.
  • After solving Journal Scrap #6 on Ginger Island.
  • You can get one by clicking on the clam shells in the correct sequence in the Mermaid Boat at the Night Market.
  • In The Mines after activating the Shrine of Challenge.
  • During the Danger In The Deep quest.

These are all of the ways you get pearls in Stardew Valley. It is not guaranteed that you will get a lot of them at once, naturally. The chances of them appearing are already quite low. Still, if you constantly grind for them you will get them in no time.

Hopefully, this guide was helpful and you learned more about the purpose of pearls in Stardew Valley. If you liked what you read then please check out our other articles such as Jagged Alliance 3 Larry – how to recruit the character and Jagged Alliance 3 Flay – how to recruit the character.