How to get cloth in Stardew Valley - the best way Character running towards a sheep

How to get cloth in Stardew Valley – the best way

Stardew Valley has now become the basis of thousands of chill farming games that have recently been coming out of the indie space. It just goes to prove how addictive this game’s basic design and mechanics are.Well, in any case, finding clothes in this game has proven to be a challenge for many players, so Here’s the best way to find cloth in Stardew Valley.

Cloth is a pretty useful resource to have in this game, as the majority of villages like getting it cloth as a gift and you can also use it to craft many different items. So, knowing the best and the easiest way of getting this item will give you a giant headstart.

Therefore, keep reading this article and find out about the best way to find cloth in Stardew Valley and use this knowledge to create wonderful dresses for your character.

How to get cloth in Stardew Valley - the best way Character checking the storage container.

This is the best way to get cloth in Stardew Valley

The best and easiest way to get cloth is with the help of a loom. This way, you can create your own cloth. Generally, sheep and rabbits are the two animals that are sheared to get wool out of them. But the former is used more often. They can be sheared for wool every three days and they are the easiest to get wool from.

You can first get the shears from Marnie’s Ranch. Once you start shearing you will find out that one unit of wool when processed on the loom produces one unit of cloth. Furthermore, to be consistent with your sheep shearing process, you need to make sure their feeding schedule is good and their Happiness level is high.

Now to create the loom itself, you will need the following materials:

  • 60 Wood
  • 30 Fiber
  • 1 Pine Tar

Make sure to be at Farming level 7, as this is when the recipe for the loom is unlocked. Although it will take some time. The loom creates one to two cloth in four hours, this is the cheapest method. Once you get the cloth you can craft a mill or a Dressed Spinner which is pretty useful for fishing. Moreover, to become romantically involved Emily, cloth is really important.

While we don’t recommend ignoring your real life responsibilities to get Emily her cloth. Sure, it is good to have virtual relationships with NPCs and farm as much as you want. But do take care of yourself, you hear?

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