A train is passing through Stardew Valley - what does it mean? Character running after a train

A train is passing through Stardew Valley – what does it mean?

Stardew Valley truly portrays a glamorized look at the countryside and provides players with a calming escape from their constant cycle of anxiety-ridden life. There are many features in this game that make it very immersive and fun such as fishing and trading. However, some events can confuse players who are new to this game such as when a Train is passing through Stardew Valley.

This event happens pretty randomly through most of the seasons. But understanding what its purpose is and how can it be useful to players might be difficult to understand, especially when players have not seen it happening.

So, to help those players out, this article will let you know all about that strange a train is passing through Stardew Valley event and it might be useful.

A train is passing through Stardew Valley - what does it mean? Character trying to collect resources from the train

A Train passing through Stardew Valley explained

A train can randomly pass through Stardew Valley between 9 AM and 6 PM. And If you are at the railroad area when this happens, you will see that the train while passing through will drop certain items on the ground. It is a great chance to grab some free loot.

In order to have the greatest chance of scooping up items, there is a trick. You can run parallel to the train compartments that do not have lids on them. They have the highest chance of dropping useful items.

Items like Stone, Coal, Iron Ore, Wood, Geodes, and Leprechaun Shoes can all be acquired from the train. Although the train will never stop and you cannot climb or go inside it, this is still a pretty exciting way of acquiring resources.

But, there is one caveat you might want to know. Always be careful when you are near a moving train as you can take a lot of damage if you get hit by any of them.

Trains passing through the town are more of a random event that just makes the game more immersive and dynamic. So, even if you miss one you don’t have to worry, you can just catch another one the next time. Moreover, you will always get a notification whenever a train is coming through.

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