The Last Guardian barrel locations - Trico looking at player

The Last Guardian barrel locations – where to find them

Are you struggling to find all the barrels while riding that little doggo? Okay it’s not a dog. But still collectibles are essential if you want to keep Trico energized and unlock new outfits and costumes for your character. In this guide, we’ll show you all of The Last Guardian barrel locations.

The Last Guardian is an action-adventure game, where players take on the role of a young boy who must navigate a treacherous world and protect his giant companion, Trico. Along the way, you’ll encounter numerous obstacles and enemies, but feeding Trico barrels will keep him strong and help you progress through the game.

Read on to find out all The Last Guardian barrel locations.

All The Last Guardian barrel locations

The barrels in The Last Guardian are scattered throughout the game, and you’ll need to explore each area carefully to uncover all the barrels. Keep an eye out for blue butterflies. These butterflies gather around barrels, so if you see a group of them, there’s likely a barrel nearby.

Below you can find all The Last Guardian barrel locations:

Barrels 1-3

The first three barrels are located in the starting area, so you can’t miss them. You’ll need to feed all three to Trico to progress the story.

Barrels 4-6

After rescuing Trico, ascend onto his back and proceed towards the opposite side of the starting area. Over there, another barrel will come into view. While venturing towards the mirror object, you will encounter two additional barrels. Climb onto Trico’s back once again and discard them to him.

Barrels 7-9

In the flooded area of the cave, one must dismantle a wooden blockade using Trico’s tail and guide a box containing three barrels down a ledge. It is essential to toss at least one barrel into the water to entice Trico to follow, so ensure to offer him the remaining barrels before proceeding.

Barrel 10

Still, within the flooded cave region, locate some verdant foliage adorning the wall. Ascend upon Trico’s back and subsequently traverse onto the foliage to ascend further. Upon reaching the summit, an additional barrel shall be discovered.

Barrel 11

After venturing outdoors and demolishing the stone pillar using Trico’s tail, summon Trico to join you on the upper floor. Subsequently, target the debris obstructing the corridor with the mirror to trigger its explosion. This action will unveil a concealed barrel.

Barrel 12

Just climb up the wall after the last barrel in the big room. Another barrel is on top of the wall.

Barrel 13

After climbing the stairs from the last barrel, you’ll encounter a wooden blockade that needs to be destroyed. There is a cave nearby with a barrel inside.

Barrel 14

After passing through the forest, you must move aside a glass eye to continue. Following the eye, there is a narrow hallway in the next chamber. At the far end of the hallway lies a barrel location.

Barrel 15

This one is right after a climbing section, after opening a gate for Trico. Before you go into the antenna room with the weird glowing contraption on the ceiling, look for a barrel.

Barrels 16-17

You will easily spot the barrels and even climb up Trico’s tail to reach a higher floor where you will find two barrels placed beside each other.

Barrel 18

Shortly after the last two barrels, there is a room with four suits of armor enemies. In that same room, you will find a barrel in the corner.

Barrel 19

Trico will trigger a floor trap causing a gate to fall on his tail. Use a chain to lift the gate and set him free. Many suits of armor will appear in this area. Defeat them in a narrow corridor before heading outside. Go to the right and look for a barrel at the end of the broken stairs.

Barrels 20-23

In the area where you learn how to command Trico, there is a crate made of wood that holds four barrels. Instruct Trico to destroy the crate to access the barrels.

Barrel 24

Call Trico outside and use the upstairs switch. Command him while facing the wall with the barrel on top. This will prompt Trico to stand against the wall, allowing you to climb onto his back and retrieve the barrel.

Barrel 25

Tell Trico to jump to the other side of the big gate, and then have him stand up next to the ruins on the right side of the gate. There is a barrel on top.

Barrel 26

After passing the room with the glowing keg on the chain, proceed through the gate and continue straight. To find another barrel, simply jump over the metal bars at the end of the path.

Barrel 27

After the wooden bridge collapses, you will enter a room with enemies and a glass eye. At the end of the room, there is a chain that you can climb. Once you have climbed the chain, jump to the left to reach a slightly hidden platform with a barrel on top.

Barrels 28-29

You will need to destroy the glass eye and then move outside. Once you are outside, give Trico the command to jump up the ruins that are on the left side. This step is crucial in order to continue forward. You may also notice two barrels located on top of the ruins.

Barrels 30-31

These barrels are important to the story and cannot be missed. You need to find a barrel for Trico when he is sick. The second barrel is located in the room where you previously used the keg to lift a gate.

Barrel 32

After giving Trico the last barrel, he will leap onto a rooftop where two enemies are pointing glass shields at him. In the same room as the enemies, there is a broken gate that conceals a barrel.

Barrel 33

Take the head of one of the enemies and bring it to the third statue in the large hallway. This will transform the statue into a suit of armor, and the statue will disappear, revealing a hole in the wall. Proceed through the hole to discover a well-concealed barrel.

The Last Guardian barrel locations - Character is walking

Barrel 34

To progress in the game, you will need to provide Trico with this barrel, which is integral to the story.

Barrel 35

After eliminating all the adversaries in the Colosseum, thoroughly inspect the rear wall of the arena to discover a hidden barrel.

Barrel 36

This particular barrel is known to be one of the most challenging in the game. Once Trico has opened the gates, your task is to push a cart toward the center of the arena. Take with you the head of a suit of armor and position yourself on the cart. Then, as Trico smashes down on the opposite side of the cart, both you and the head will be propelled upwards, breaking through the ceiling. Upstairs, you’ll encounter a statue similar to Barrel #33. Place the head onto this statue, transforming it into a complete suit of armor and revealing a hidden opening behind it. Navigate through this opening to claim your prize – an elusive barrel.

Barrel 37

Just after the last barrel, Trico will jump into a cave with lots of water in it. After he jumps up, get off him and look behind the pillar in the very back to find another hidden barrel.

Barrel 38

Upon entering the second water area, which follows the initial dive, you will notice a closed gate and an illuminated section. Direct Trico to swim toward the lit-up area. Ascend his back, leap onto one of the platforms, and then onto the foliage against the wall. Ascend further to discover an additional barrel.

Barrel 39

After successfully escaping the cage, you are required to descend the elevator while carrying the head of a suit of armor. The head should then be attached to the statue located nearby. Behind the statue, there is a highly noticeable barrel that cannot be missed. This barrel must be fed to Trico to progress further, as he refuses to move forward until he is fed.

Barrel 40

To proceed, navigate through the aperture created by Trico when it arrived to liberate you from confinement. Ascend to a higher elevation where a narrow trail amidst rocky terrain awaits. At the culmination of this pathway lies an additional receptacle.

Barrels 41-43

Following the mine collapse, you will be faced with a multitude of adversaries. Trico will provide assistance by soaring up to a tower where the activation of two switches becomes imperative in order to access the gates. Ascend the stairs located on the right side of the tower until you reach its uppermost level. At this juncture, a barrel shall be readily available for your discovery.

Barrels 44-45

The same place where you found the last two, is where you will find these as well.

Barrels 46-47

Towards the conclusion of the game, players will face a formidable enemy encounter atop a towering structure. Positioned within this scene are four windows, each occupied by adversaries launching spears toward the protagonist, Trico. Discreetly tucked away behind one of these windows lies a hidden barrel. Following the intense battle, direct Trico to lean against the wall in order to ascend to that elevated position.

Barrel 47

In the same spot as before, sprint along the tower’s perimeter and spot a barrel below. Summon Trico and grasp his tail by pressing the Circle Button. Lower his tail over the ledge and ascend to the barrel.

Barrel 48

Inside the tower, following a major battle with the enemy, you’ll take an elevator to a room filled with debris on the floor. The ultimate barrel awaits.

Remember to keep an eye out for blue butterflies, as they indicate the presence of a barrel. By feeding all the barrels to Trico, you’ll unlock new outfits and costumes for your character. So, what are you waiting for? Get out there and start searching for those barrels!

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