Dead Island 2 goat pen master key - how to get it - gate location

Dead Island 2 goat pen master key – how to get it

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Dead Island 2 is an action RPG that takes place in Los Angeles where the undead have taken control. In this guide, we will take you through how to get the Dead Island 2 goat pen master key.

The game is set in an open-world environment that allows you to explore various locations and engage in different activities. Although a significant part of your time in HELL-A will involve killing zombies, you will also have to solve puzzles and find ways to unlock doors.

So, let’s find out how to get the Dead Island 2 goat pen master key!

How to get the goat pen master key in Dead Island 2 

One of the early side quests is the Creature Comforts quest, which requires you to find the master keys in order to gain access to the Goat Pen house in the Bel-Air region. These keys are on the side table in the master bedroom on the left side of the top floor when you go in.

Finding your way into the master bedroom can be a challenge, however. To get the master keys, go to the roof of the Goat Pen house. At the far left corner, you will need to look directly down over the balcony. You will see a smaller balcony below with some sunbeds covered in fuel. Drop down onto this balcony and clear any zombies. Be wary as some zombies might follow you and drop down from above. There is also a security alarm on the wall that you’ll need to destroy.

Once you have cleared the zombies and destroyed the alarm, go through the broken window. The keys are on the bedside table, and all you need to do is pick them up.

Everything you need to know about Dead Island 2

Dead Island 2 is a survival game set in Los Angeles after a zombie outbreak has occurred. The game was released on 21 April, 2023 for PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Xbox Series X and Series S, and Microsoft Windows. It is the sequel to 2011’s Dead Island, which is set on a small Pacific island.

Dead Island 2 is best played in co-op with friends, but it can be played solo due to the fact that it has an interesting story. Dead Island 2 currently sits at an approximate 7.5 average score on Metacritic. The game has an open-world map and asks you to loot areas to craft better weapons to make taking down increasingly difficult zombies and enemies easier.

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