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State Of Decay 2 crossplay explained

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While it is all well and good to play games with your friends, perhaps they are using a different platform or console from you. Let’s try to find out then, if this popular shooter can be played by everyone in multiplayer. Is there State Of Decay 2 crossplay?

While it does make sense to be on the constant lookout for ways to enhance your gaming experience, you have to be careful to also select titles that allow you to do so.

So, let’s find out all about State Of Decay 2 crossplay.

Is there crossplay in State Of Decay 2?

To start with, State of Decay 2 supports cross-platform play on the Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and PC where Steam and the Microsoft Store are concerned. This means that players can engage in multiplayer mode with friends on different platforms. However, before attempting cross-platform play, make sure that all players have the same version of State of Decay 2 installed on their devices. This is important to ensure that everyone can enjoy the same gaming experience.

In addition to having the same version of State of Decay 2, players will need an Xbox Live account. The good news is that players do not need a subscription account if they are playing from Steam. The developers of State of Decay 2, Undead Labs, have done an excellent job of ensuring that players can activate cross-play without many issues or complexities.

To enable cross-play, you can launch State of Decay 2 and navigate to the main menu where you can select your preferred settings. From there, enable multiplayer mode and proceed to Host Multiplayer Game. To invite your friends to play, go to the Guest section and select Invite. Choose the friend you want to invite, and you’re ready to play. It’s that easy!

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