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How to kill Juggernaut State of Decay 2

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There are a lot of enemies in State of Decay 2, but Juggernauts are one of the most dangerous foes out there. In this guide, we will take you through how to kill Juggernaut State of Decay 2.

They are a unique infected variant and can take a lot of punishment, hence their name. Killing them can seem almost impossible, but you can take them down by aiming for the head, just like with regular zombies.

Keep reading to find out how you can kill Juggernaut State of Decay 2!

Juggernaut State of Decay 2 – how to kill 

To kill Juggernauts, you need to focus fire on their heads and use high-damage weapons. A weapon with low recoil is ideal because you need to consistently hit their head to take them down.

Avoid melee combat with Juggernauts as they can take a lot of damage and dish it out. Remember that Juggernauts can charge at players. Take cover by getting on top of a car or building and pick them off from a distance

When they go into a downstate, you can kill them instantly with a melee attack by running up and hitting the appropriate key. But this won’t happen until you’ve landed a few good hits to their head and exposed their skull.

Juggernauts are immune to fire damage, so using items like Molotov cocktails is useless against them. Ramming them with your car may seem like a good idea, but doing so is a quick way to lose your vehicle. The car will break before you can do any real damage to the Juggernaut.

Focus your fire on the head and consistently land headshots to eventually take down the Juggernaut. It’s recommended to shoot from a distance to make it easier to focus on their head.

Now that you know how to kill Juggernaut State of Decay 2, go out there and defeat them! If you liked this guide, why not check out our guide on who is the best leader and How to save