The great hog Minecraft Legends - how to beat it - boss fight

The great hog Minecraft Legends – how to beat it

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The Great Hog is the toughest boss in the game and will go straight for the Well of Fate. This is dangerous as it will stop all your structure productions, so you need to know how to defeat it quickly. In this guide, we will take you through how to beat great hog Minecraft Legends.

So, before you fight the last Horde boss, use your Prismarine to upgrade and build structures. After defeating the last Horde boss, the Great Hog will occupy the village and start wreaking havoc. It is time to make short work of it.

Keep reading to find out how you can beat great hog Minecraft Legends.

How to beat the great hog in Minecraft Legends

To prepare for the Great Hog boss fight, follow these steps:

  • Ignore the villager’s call for help and visit all the mob homesteads instead.
  • Recruit as many mobs as possible and raid the village chests for last-minute loot.
  • Recruit all the First Golems for the battle.
  • Build a well-house near the boss’s Netherrack but not too close to the Well of Fate.
  • Clear the path between the well-house and the Well of Fate. This will enable you to reach the Great Hog easily.
  • Place your units on standby near the well-house and destroy all Piglin structures between the two areas.
  • Clear out the Netherrack by building Cure Netherrack towers.
  • Use the cleared area to build spawners and construct as many structures as possible, including towers.

Now that you’ve prepared the battlefield, it’s time to send your army towards the Great Hog. The Great Hog will turn its attention to the mob, and you can use this distraction to draw the hog towards the attacking towers by recalling the units there. Keep spawning new units to replace the dead ones, and keep clearing Netherrack and building more towers and spawners.

With the proper strategy, the Great Hog will eventually succumb to your army, and you will emerge victorious, defeating the final boss in the game.

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