Jagged Alliance 3 Junkyard - The Dump choices explained Characters guarding an area

Jagged Alliance 3 Junkyard – The Dump choices explained

Jagged Alliance 3 provides many impactful options that can literally decide the fate of several characters living in Grand Chien. You will find one of these encounters when you reach this place called The Dump in Sector L9. The name doesn’t sound that flattering, but you will discover two factions, The Junkyard Knights and The Junkyard Nobles fighting each other. So, here is an explanation of all Jagged Alliance 3 Junkyard choices that you can make there.

Mainly, You will get three choices and their outcomes are going to be very different from each other. Thus, understanding the consequences of your action will definitely help you make the correct decision that will benefit you and your militia.

Therefore, read on and find out about the Jagged Alliance 3 Junkyard choices and understand what type of loot and resources you are going get from each of the choices.

Jagged Alliance 3 Junkyard - The Dump choices explained Character scouting for enemies

Here are all of the Jagged Alliance 3 Junkyard choices

The following are all of the choices and their outcomes that you should keep in mind:

  • Side with the Junkyard Nobles: If you choose to help the Nobles and their leader Baronne des Ordoures, you will be rewarded. Get parts, a Locksmith’s Kit, and 2 Bags of Chien Franks. And a chance to use a special Operation called Harvest Junk. In this mission, you will send your mercs to gather some extra parts.
  • Side with the Junkyard Knights: If you choose to support the Knights and their leader Dirty Henri, you will be rewarded. Get 2 Bags of Chien Franks, 4 militia, and the Baronesses’wig from her dead body. The latter item will be useful in a separate quest.
  • Reunite both groups (peaceful option): if you choose this pacifist route, you will be rewarded with crafting materials. Also, two Bags of Chien Franks, various parts for explosives, some Parts, and a Crowbar, 15 Loyalty with Port Cacao.

Siding with any of the two factions will result in battle, though. Make sure you have enough levels and stats to deal with the heat. However, if you choose the unity option, then you will have to do more grunt work. Peace does not come that easy. If you like being a pacifist then make sure to have Loyalty stat over 60 and also pass the Wisdom checks.

Talk to Istadi the Fisher before meeting with the two faction leaders. He is a vendor and you can find him at The Dump at night and can exchange Chien Franks for goods. Pass a Wisdom check while talking to him, he will provide you with his opinion that can solve the conflict.

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