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Stasis Bone Totem fuel canister code – how to fill it

We poor players never get a break, right? Before we were stumped trying to get the power on, and then we are stuck trying to find a fuel canister. That’s something that seems to come back in a lot of games, honestly. Anyway, let’s see how to find the Stasis Bone Totem fuel canister code.

This item comes in use to solve some of the later puzzles, obviously, but since it’s protected by a code we’ll need some help in finding out how to bypass the problem and get our much-needed petrol.

Alright, let’s now dawdle any longer and find out how to crack the secret of the Stasis Bone Totem fuel canister code so that you can complete Chapter 1 and progress.

stasis bone totem fuel canister code puzzle code solution

How to find the Stasis Bone Totem fuel canister code

As Charlie, you’ll come across a fuel resupply station at the bottom of the oil rig. Retrieve the empty canister you found from Mac and place it in the fuel resupply station. You’ll need to input the correct code to get the right mixture of fuel so that the canister doesn’t explode.

The fuel canister code can be found on the turbine in the pump room as Mac. Examine the coloured squares above where you removed the fuel canister (see the above image for the correct combination).

Swap to Charlie once you’ve remembered this code and press the corresponding buttons on the fuel resupply console to fill the bottle. Once you’ve done this, pass the bottle back to Mac.

Make sure you’ve taped up the hose, then replace the fuel canister and turn the wheel. The turbine will be powered and you’ll be able to progress.

That’s all we have for you about this particular puzzle. But that’s not all we have about the game, if you need more help do check out our other Stasis Bone Totem guides.