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Lost Eidolons gift guide – what to give each character

Gifts play a vital role in building rapport with the various characters you encounter throughout your journey. By giving them gifts that they like, you can increase their rapport. This, in turn, unlocks additional dialogue options, quests, and even potential romance options. It’s crucial to choose the right gifts for each character to ensure the most favorable outcomes. In this guide, we have gathered information to provide you with the best Lost Eidolons gift to give to each character.

Explore the best gifts to give each character to maximize your rapport and strengthen your relationships.

Read on to find out the best Lost Eidolons gift to give to each character in the game.

Best gifts for each character in Lost Eidolons

To help you navigate the vast array of gifts in Lost Eidolons, we have compiled a list of the best gifts for each character:

AlbrechtWorld Map, Artisanal Hesetzt Belt, Military Handbook, Aged Grimoire, Enchanted Wand, History of the Empire, Refined Soulstone.
AndreaArming Sword, Soldier’s Badge, Training Spear, Bronze Bridle, Fishing Rod, Herbalist’s Tools, Saddle Blanket, Artisanal Hesetzt Belt, Brass Sheath.
DahliaArming Sword, Decorative Knife, Leather Handicraft, Soldier’s Badge, Training Spear, Artisanal Hesetzt Belt, Brass Sheath, Pearl Broach.
DaneArtisanal Hesetzt Belt, Landscape Painting, Portum Honey Liqueur, Beer, Decorative Flowers, Lime Cordial.
EdieArtisanal Hesetzt Belt, World Map, Lime Cordial, Military Handbook, History of the Empire.
FranciscoArming Sword, Soldier’s Badge, Artisanal Hesetzt Belt, Lime Cordial, Portum Honey Liqueur, Training Spear, Beer, Brass Sheath.
GabrielAged Grimoire, Enchanted Wand
GilbertArtisanal Hesetzt Belt, Military Handbook, Portum Honey Liqueur, World Map, Lime Cordial, Beer, History of the Empire.
GisepAged Grimoire, Magic Scroll
KarinArming Sword, Training Spear, Artisanal Hesetzt Belt, Fishing Rod, Herbalist’s Tools, Soldier’s Badge, Brass Sheath, Bronze Bridle.
LeonArtisanal Hesetzt Belt, Leather Handicraft, Pearl Broach, Bronze Bridle, Fishing Rod, Gilded Goblet, Herbalist’s Tools, Saddle Blanket, Decorative Knife.
LetaPearl Broach, Decorative Knife.
LevanaArtisanal Hesetzt Belt, History of the Empire, World Map, Decorative Flowers, Landscape Painting, Military Handbook.
LinardArming Sword, Artisanal Hesetzt Belt, Decorative Knife, Gilded Goblet, Royal Sword, Soldier’s Badge, Training Spear, Leather Handicraft, Pearl Broach, Bloodstone Bracelet, Brass Sheath.
MarchelleAged Grimoire, Artisanal Hesetzt Belt, Ledger, Magic Scroll, Refined Soulstone, World Map, Military Handbook, Enchanted Wand, History of the Empire.
RobereWorld Map, Decorative Flowers, Landscape Painting, History of the Empire, Military Handbook.
RobinArtisanal Hesetzt Belt, Fishing Rod, Herbalist’s Tools, Portum Honey Liqueur, Saddle Blanket, Beer, Bronze Bridle, Lime Cordial.
SeraArtisanal Hesetzt Belt, Landscape Painting, Lime Cordial, Beer, Decorative Flowers, Portum Honey Liqueur.
StellaArtisanal Hesetzt Belt, Landscape Painting Pearl Broach, Decorative Knife, Gilded Goblet,
ViturinArming Sword, Brass Sheath, Soldier’s Badge, Artisanal Hesetzt Belt.

How to Obtain Gifts

Gifts in Lost Eidolons can be obtained through various means. The most common way is by purchasing them from the Rare Item Vendor Salma. She usually appears in camp during specific chapters. Salma offers a random selection of gifts. Legendary gifts will cost you 500 gold, rare gifts 300 gold, and common gifts around 200 gold.

Additionally, completing side quests marked with a “?” on the camp map may also reward you with gifts. There is a possibility of finding gifts while at camp, as some sparkling collectibles can apparently be gifts. This aspect requires further testing and research, but it is worth exploring as it may provide additional means of obtaining gifts.

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