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Where does Crew Motorfest take place?

Open-world racing games have gained immense popularity in recent years, allowing players to explore vast virtual landscapes while engaging in thrilling racing experiences. One such game series that has captured the attention of racing enthusiasts is The Crew. The latest installment in the franchise, The Crew Motorfest, has gained appreciation from fans. In this article, we will discuss where Crew Motorfest takes place.

Whether you prefer to drive solo or join a crew of fellow players, the choice is yours. The developers, Ivory Tower, have aimed to create a dense and varied environment for players to immerse themselves in

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Where does Crew Motorfest take place?

The Crew Motorfest takes place on the island of Ohau, which draws clear inspiration from the beautiful landscapes of Hawaii. Ubisoft Ivory Tower, the developer of the game, has done an exceptional job of recreating the scenic beauty of the island. Unlike the urban city centers featured in the previous titles of The Crew series, Ohau offers players a refreshing change of scenery.

While the scale of The Crew Motorfest’s map may not match that of its predecessor, it offers a more focused and detailed experience. Ivory Tower has taken inspiration from Test Drive Unlimited Solar Crown by crafting a smaller map that is packed with diverse locations and a greater sense of density. 

As you traverse the island, you will encounter a variety of environments, ranging from sunny beaches to bustling city streets and lush rainforests. The themed playlists within the game celebrate different facets of car culture, allowing you to race through neon-lit streets or take on off-road challenges in the heart of nature.

One of the highlights of The Crew Motorfest is the extensive selection of vehicles available to players. At launch, the game boasts over 600 vehicles, including both new brands and familiar favorites from The Crew 2. Whether you have a penchant for Japanese tuners, American muscle cars, or electric supercars, there is a vehicle to suit every racing style and preference. Additionally, vehicles from The Crew 2 can be transferred to The Crew Motorfest, allowing you to expand your garage and continue using your favorite rides.

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