Paleo Pines beginner's Guide Character riding a dinosaur

Paleo Pines beginner’s guide – everything you need to know

Dinosaurs and farming are a winning combination, and Paleo Pines provides you with this exact experience. The world of Paleo Pines is designed to give you comfort, relaxation, and tranquility. You are also able to tame the dinosaurs in this game and keep them as pets. However, to effectively utilize all the features, you need to understand them first. This article will provide you with a comprehensive Paleo Pines beginner’s guide to help you on your journey.

These tips will give you a headstart in the game, and you will be able to fully focus on the fun aspect of the game. From dinosaur taming to farming, everything will be much more clear and easy to understand.

Keep reading below for our full Paleo Pines beginner’s guide. Hopefully, these tips will transform your gaming experience for the better.

Paleo Pines beginner's Guide Character running towards a house

Paleo Pines beginner’s guide – the best early game tips for Paleo Pines

The following are some of the most useful Paleo Pines beginner tips:

  • You can use Lucky to clean up your farm and level him up.
  • On your first day, go to Corlan and buy a carrot from him. This will help you befriend a dino on day 2.
  • Get seeds from Agami’s shop as soon as possible.
  • You can find Herbivore food randomly while exploring the world. So, you don’t have to always buy it.
  • Talk to Mari and learn how to use your flute.
  • Feed Poppin to the Dino, when the meter is in the green area.
  • To find an NPC character, check their bio page.
  • Take care of your new tamed dinosaur, and soon they will let you saddle them.
  • You should provide all your dinos with Dreamstones.
  • You can earn rewards by doing tasks that are available on the Town’s notice board.
  • Keep removing weeds from your farm.
  • Befriend a Gallimimus as soon as you can. They are great for transportation, as they are really fast. You can also use them to water multiple crops very quickly.
  • You can destroy giant boulders with the help of a Styracosaurus.
  • Understand your Dinosaurs’ favorite treats.
  • Sell crops to earn Gold.

These are all the major tips that will boost your efficiency and create a much smoother gaming experience. Getting a good headstart may even enhance all of the things you love about this cozy game.

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