Fae Farm Standard vs Deluxe Edition explained Character standing inside of a portal

Fae Farm Standard vs Deluxe Edition explained

Now that Fae Farm has been officially launched, many players from the Farming Simulator community are thinking of trying it out. It has been getting mostly positive reviews, and all the trailers and gameplay snippets have made players very excited. It has been released both on PC and Nintendo Switch. However, when it comes to the PC, players get a choice between the Standard edition and the Deluxe edition of Fae Farm.

So, if you do know anything about it, then this article will highlight all the major points. Both of these editions of the Fae Farms are currently only available for the PC. Both of these editions are also different from each other in the sense that one provides more content than the other.

Keep reading to find out about the Standard edition and the Deluxe edition of Fae Farm, and which version will suit you the most.

Fae Farm Standard vs Deluxe Edition explained Characters saying hello to a magical creature

Standard Version vs. Deluxe Edition — which one should you choose?

The following are the two major differences between the Standard Edition and Deluxe Edition of Fae Farms:

  • Getting the Standard Edition will provide you with only the base game, whereas the Deluxe Edition, along with the base game, will give you the official soundtrack and two content packs that will be released in December 2023 and June 2024.
  • The Standard Edition of Fae Farm costs $39.99 while the Deluxe Edition of Fae Farm costs $59.99.

Additionally, the content packs will come as paid DLCs for players who have the Standard Edition. So, the price factor will also affect your decision, as you can clearly see that the Standard Edition is a far cheaper option, so if you truly are not sure about Fae Farms, you should go with the safer and more cost-effective option.

Besides, if you liked the experience, just wait for the DLCs to come out later this year and the next year and buy them separately.

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