How to Grow Pink and Hybrid Flowers in Fae Farm Characters building a farm

How to Grow Pink and Hybrid Flowers in Fae Farm

Flower breeding is a very interesting and in-depth mechanic in Fae Farm. You will spend countless hours going through all the possible combinations, and truthfully, it can get confusing. But you don’t have to get into this mechanic head first, as there is a straightforward quest called Pretty in Pink given by your friendly neighborhood flower seed seller, Rosalind. The main objective of this quest is to grow Pink flowers in Fae Farm. So, this article will provide you with a guide on how you can do this.

This quest is great for getting a gist of how flower breeding works, and you will understand how to do it properly. Moreover, once you complete this quest, you will find flower breeding much simpler and the only thing you must keep in mind are all the combinations.

Keep reading to find out how to grow Pink flowers and hybrid in Fae Farm so that you can find the best set up out of the gate.

How to Grow Pink and Hybrid Flowers in Fae Farm Character standing in a flower farm

How to grow pink flowers in Fae Farm

After you talk to Rosalind, you should get the quest to grow pink flowers. To complete it, you will have to follow the steps below:

  • You will have to buy Red Rose Seeds and White Lily Seeds from Rosalind.
  • Go back to your homestead.
  • Craft 3 Flower Soil Beds ( x1 Oak Log, x1 Silt, and x1 Mulch for each one)
  • Place them down in a row.
  • Plant the Red Rose Seeds on the left Flower Soil Bed, and the White Lily Seed on the right side Flower Soil Bed. Keep the middle Flower Soil Bed empty.
  • Water the plants for several days.
  • You should get a Pink Rose or a Pink Lily in the middle Flower Soil Bed.

This is how you basically grow a Pink flower, and this is also the core mechanic for combining flowers to create new flowers. Now, you can use this basic layout and expand on it. Just remember that when combining two flowers, you will need to have space between them.

Since the pink color is a hybrid color, simply follow these steps with flowers of different colors to create new hybrid flowers.

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