Fae Farm animals guide Character brushing an animal

Fae Farm animals guide

Even though Fae Farm has “Farm” in its name, there are so many more things you can do in this game. For instance, if you don’t like to constantly water your crops or are just confused by how farming works in this game, then you should definitely try out taking care of animals. This feature not only gives you cute pets to keep but also you can use them to get resources. So, here’s a guide for how you can take care of Animals in Fae farm.

Unlike farming, it may take some time before all the features of Animal care become fully unlocked in the game. So, you will have to progress through a couple of story missions before you are able to take care of animals.

Keep reading to find out all about Animals in Fae Farm. Hopefully, you will really love this amazing feature.

Fae Farm animals guide Characters talking to each other

Animals in Fae Farm explained

The two main places where you can take care of animals will already be at your homestead. It is the barn and the coop; however, they won’t be accessible from the get-go.

Animal Coop

So, to begin your animal care journey, you will first have to complete a quest given by Eddy called Floundering for Fish. Once you complete it, he will talk about taking care of animals and direct you to go to Earline’s Shop.

The shop will be very close to the docks, as it is located in the Plains of Plenty. Once you are there, talk to Earline. She will give you the key to the Animal Coop, and you can buy two animals from her:

  • Cottontail — 200 Gold Florin
  • Chickoo — 200 Gold Florin

Once you buy an animal, it will spawn near you and follow you. Take them to the Coop and register them with the help of the notebook near the entrance of the Coop. You can even change their name and, finally, take them inside the Coop. In the registry, you can also see their Daily Care needs, and you have to make sure to fulfill them.

Animal Barn

This is the bigger structure designed to keep bigger animals. So, at the beginning of Chapter 4, you will get a letter from Eddy informing you that the barn is now accessible.

Then, just go and talk to Jeremiah for a further briefing. He will be in the Plains of Plenty area. The following are the two animals you can buy from him:

  • Mamoo — 300 Gold Florin
  • Woolyhorn — 300 Gold Florin

After you buy a large animal, do the same thing you’ve done for the Coop animals. Take them to the barn, register them, change their name, and take care of their daily needs.

Fae Farm animals guide Character taking care of an animal

Daily Needs

Let’s look at how you can fulfill your animals’ daily needs. There are 4 main categories:

  • Brushing: This is mainly for Mamoo; just go closer to them and use the brush option.
  • Food: You can get fodder for the animals by cutting grass, and then go to the trough inside the barn or the coop and assign food to the animal you want to feed. You can craft a Wild grass patch with x5 Silt, x5 Rough Citrine, and x3 Bug Juice. However, if you want to specifically feed Mamoo and Woolyhorn, then you will need to craft a Fodder Grass Patch with x5 Mulch, x5 Rough Peridot, and x3 Shell Bits.
  • Petting: Just approach the animal and use the pet action key.
  • Fresh Air: There are bells outside the building that you can ring to call your animal outside.

You can even upgrade your trough with the help of Jeremiah or Earline. Keep in mind that an upgraded trough will cost around 1,500 Gold Florins.


As mentioned previously, you can get useful resources from your animals. The following are all the resources they produce:

  • Chickoo: You can get Eggs from Chickoo’s bed.
  • Cottontail: You can get Raw Cotton from Cottontail’s bed.
  • Mamoo: You can get Milk from Mamoo by interacting with it. The milking process will happen automatically; you just have to press the button.
  • Woolyhorn: You can get Raw Wool by cutting Woolyhorn’s hair.

Fae Realm Animal Care

The animal care feature is not just restricted to the area near your home. You can travel to the Fae Realm and also access the Animal care feature there. The process is very similar, so let’s quickly go over all the important things you need to keep in mind:

  • Once you complete the Floating Ruins dungeon, you will be able to talk to the Fae Realm’s animal seller, Reyglor. From them, you can get two different Fae animals: Spriggan, which costs 400 Gold Florin, and Lunen, which also costs the same.
  • You will need to have access to the Fae Pen to unlock them.
  • You can give the Fae animals Clover Feed as fodder. To get this, you will need to craft a Clover Grass patch with x5 Shade Jelly, x5 Rough Amethyst, and x3 Nectar.
  • Spriggan can provide you with Spriggan Leaf, and Lunen can provide you with Silk. You get these resources from their beds.
  • You can upgrade your trough for 1,500 Gold Florins from Reylor.

This is basically how Animal Care works in Fae Farm. If you liked what you just read, then please check out our other articles, such as Fae Farm floating ruins guide and Fae Farm wings guide — How to get them.