Fae Farm wings guide — How to get them Character showing off their wings

Fae Farm wings guide — How to get them

Acquiring the Fairy Wings in Fae Farm will make exploration a lot easier. By using the wings, you will be able to reach previously inaccessible areas, find new rewards, and progress through the story. Thankfully, even the devs know the importance of this item, as it is a reward for completing a main story quest. So, this article will tell you all about acquiring the Fairy Wings in Fae Farm.

The quest that rewards you with the wings will mainly require you to collect certain ingredients, so it will be a little time-consuming. But once you get the wings, you will float like a butterfly, and the game will feel even more fun to play.

Keep reading to find out how you can get Fairy Wings in Fae Farm.

Fae Farm wings guide — How to get them Character talking to a giant entity

How to get Fairy Wings in Fae Farm?

You can get the Fairy Wings by completing the Raising Expectations quest given to you by the Wisp Mother in Fae Farm. This quest happens during the start of Chapter 4. Your Barn will be unlocked, and next to it on the left side will be a stone staircase. Keep climbing up the stairs until you reach the top, and there you will find the Wisp Mother. Talk to her, and this quest will be triggered.

Your main objective is to collect ingredients and give them to Wisp Mother so that she can create the Fairy Wings for you. The following are all the ingredients you need and how you can find or make them:

  • Build a Lowlands Critter Conservatory: You can build this item by collecting 5x Beech Lumber, 5x Stone Bricks, 20x Plant Fibers, and 20x Silt. Keep in mind that to get some of these resources, you will also need a Lumber Station and Stone Forge.
  • Catch three Butterflies and collect Flutter Dust: You can easily catch three Peacock Butterflies near your farm and then place them into the Lowlands Critter Conservatory. They will produce Flutter Dust for you.
  • Take three Flutter Dusts to the Wisp Mother: As the name of the objective suggests, go back to the Wisp Mother and give her the Flutter Dusts.

The moment you do this, you will get the Fairy Wings. The first Fairy Wings you get will be orange in color. However, later on, you can go back to the Wisp Mother and get many different styles of wings.

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