Fae Farm floating ruins guide Characters running towards a giant statue

Fae Farm floating ruins guide

Floating Ruins is the second dungeon that you encounter in Fae Farm. This dungeon is going to be way harder than Saltwater Mine, but the rewards you get for completing this dungeon will be significantly more valuable. Moreover, the main reward you get for beating this dungeon is the removal of Miasma. This should be good news for players who love exploration. So, to make this dungeon a little easier, here’s a quick and simple guide for Floating Ruins in Fae Farm.

Your main objective will be to reach the 25th floor of Floating Ruins. It is going to be a long journey, and on the way you will meet a variety of enemies and loot that will constantly keep you on edge.

Keep reading to find out how you can beat the Floating Ruins dungeon in Fae Farm.

Fae Farm floating ruins guide Characters talking to each other

Floating Ruins dungeon in Fae Farm explained

The Floating Ruins dungeon is a part of The End of the Ruins quest given by Balarandi in the Elven Village. You will trigger this quest after completing the Witch Doctor quest. So, before we even get to the dungeon floors, you will need to get prepared and create a strategy.

Best Strategy for Floating Ruins

You will have to fight a lot of enemies in this dungeon. So, you should design your combat approach around Potions. The following are all the important potions you need for this dungeon:

  • Fairbreath Potions — This is a no-brainer; this potion will help you survive Miasma, and the Floating Ruins will be full of it. This is the most important potion to have.
  • Gone Potions — This potion makes you invisible. Using this potion will help you avoid unnecessary combat, and you will be able to easily collect resources on a floor without alerting any enemies.
  • Whirlwind Potions — Use this potion only during emergency combat situations, as it lets you conjure small tornadoes during a fight.
  • Potion of Healing — You need to keep your health in check.
  • Snacks — Bring food items.

Therefore, during your dungeon run, use the Gone Potion as much as you can and try to move through the floors passively. This is the best strategy to follow if you want to complete this dungeon quickly. Furthermore, you can always use the Whirlwind potions whenever you think a fight is unavoidable.

Floating Ruins location

You can easily spot Floating Ruins on the east side of the map. You will be able to reach it through the Elven Village.

Fae Farm floating ruins guide Character fighting monsters


  • When it comes to looting, there are plenty of new stuff that you are going to get here. Two common resources you will find on all of the floors are Shade Jelly and Spoorewood.
  • Floors 1-13 will contain Feyrite Ore.
  • Rough Amethyst Floors can be found through floors 4-11
  • Rough Rose Quartz can be found through Floors 9-15
  • Silver Ore can be found through Floors 10-24
  • Rough Sapphire can be found through Floors 15-21
  • Rough Emerald can be found through Floors 21-24


  • The main Jumble that you should look out for is these Statues called Eutats. They disguise themselves with the other statues and deal massive damage.
  • Snapper will suddenly bite you whenever you are near it, so make sure you are paying attention to your surroundings.
  • Tokker looks like a clock and attacks you with its hands.
  • Skello and Dyer are literally musical instruments, and they will attack you with broken strings and musical notes.

Dungeon Seals

The following are all the Dungeon Seals you need:

  • Feyrite Seal x4 : Feyrite Ore x4
  • Hammered Feyrite Seal x4: Feyrite Seal x1, Rough Amethyst x8
  • Engraved Feyrite Seal x4: Feyrite Seal x1, Rough Rose Quartz x8
  • Silver Seal x4: Silver Ore x4
  • Hammered Silver Seal x4: Silver Seal x1, Rough Sapphire x8
  • Engraved Silver Seal x5: Silver Seal x1, Rough Emerald x8

Keep in mind that you can found most of the resources on the floors of the Floating Ruins. Until then, you can traverse through the floors by collecting two floating pink-colored sparks on each of the floors you are on and then interacting with the two statues near the door to the next floor.

These are all the important things to remember when you go into the Floating Ruins dungeon. This place is going to be challenging, but the moment you reach the 25th Floor you will become very strong.

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