Planet of Lana tubes puzzle Lana on rope

Planet of Lana tubes puzzle – how to complete fourth chapter

Getting to explore a mysterious and faraway alien planet is just part of the great narrative experience of this little indie game made in Sweden. But no one likes to be stuck forever trying to solve something, right? Then let’s look at how to solve the Planet of Lana tubes puzzle.

This comes right towards the end of the fourth chapter, just before we get the upgrade to Mui to be able to control creatures, which will open up more puzzles after that. So, if you’re having trouble with this, then you’ve come to the right place.

Let’s learn how to play this curious little organ and solve that pesky Planet of Lana tubes puzzle so you can progress on to the rest of the game.

How to solve the Planet of Lana tubes puzzle

Basically, what you need to do is manipulate the four carts and position them in the correct way to open the door. But what is the correct way, I hear you ask? We need to look for clues, as the game tells us exactly how they are going to be placed.

Overall there are two clues in the cave just before this whole area, you will find them looking at the big graffiti on the wall. Just stand there a moment, as in this picture:

The other two clues are a bit more difficult to find. One is beyond the big wooden log on the lower side of the screen. Move the log to the left and the clue will show up, albeit briefly.

The final clue is in the upper left of the screen, climb there with Mui and make it stand on the “light” switch. Go back to the cave and you will see the clue, right there in the upper left. Like this:

Planet of Lana tubes puzzle screen second clue

Combine all these four clues and position the carts correctly. Now, what? Nothing is playing. Well, you need to jump right on the rope and then the organ will sound. If everything was done correctly, the door shall open and you can continue on your journey.

That solves the fourth chapter in Planet of Lana. Check out more of our guides like how to solve the musical notes puzzle.