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Into the Unknown Starfield – how to complete the quest

Starfield, the highly anticipated space epic from Bethesda, takes players on an adventure through the vast reaches of the cosmos. One of the most important missions in the game is the “Into the Unknown” quest. In this walkthrough, we’ll guide you step-by-step on how to complete the Starfield Into the Unknown quest and make the most of this exciting experience.

Into the Unknown quest not only introduces a new companion but also unlocks a valuable feature that will aid you on your journey.

Read on to find out how to complete the Starfield Into the Unknown quest.

Starfield Into the Unknown Quest Walkthrough

To begin the “Into the Unknown” mission, you need to head to The Eye, a special space station in orbit around Jemison. Vladimir, an eager character, can be found here and is excited to meet you. Fly to The Eye using the map and dock your ship with the station. Once on board, make your way down the hallway to find Vladimir.

Vladimir will inform you that he has located two artifacts and will assign you two random planets to explore. For instance, you might be assigned Sumati and Pizzi I, both of which contain artifacts that you need to secure. It’s important to note that the details may vary slightly for each player due to the random nature of Starfield, but the overall experience should be similar.

Find the Artifact on Sumati

Your first destination is the planet Sumati. Follow the waypoint to locate the artifact. You may need to navigate through a cave, potentially encountering enemies along the way. Defeat any adversaries that stand in your path and continue deeper into the cave until you find the Artifact. Use your melee attack or a laser cutter to loosen it and claim the next piece of the puzzle.

Find the Artifact on Piazzi Ì

The next planet you need to visit is Piazzi Ì. Similar to the previous planet, you will need to locate an Artifact here as well. However, be prepared for a more challenging and involved journey, especially if you encounter Andreja, a new character at this location. The cave system on Piazzi Ì is larger and more complex, requiring you to navigate through it and face formidable opponents. Take your time, eliminate the Spacers, and continue until you reach the end of the cave, where you will find the second Artifact.

Add the Artifacts to the Collection

Once you have both Artifacts in your possession, it’s time to return to Jemison and the Lodge. Enter the Lodge and place the Artifacts into the floating tableau at the center of the room. The thrill of your accomplishment will be shared by everyone present, congratulating you on a job well done.

Meet Matteo

The next step involves building your reputation by engaging in a conversation with Matteo, a character known for wearing a funny hat. Matteo will engage you in a discussion about the importance of science and dreams as a Constellation member. This is an opportunity for you to express your opinion and impress Matteo. If you wish to impress Sarah or Andreja romantically, choose science as your answer. However, if you want to align with Matteo’s perspective on dreams, express your support for them.

Return to The Eye and Talk to Vladimir

After conversing with Matteo, return to The Eye to speak with Vladimir once again. This is also a good opportunity to change your companion if desired. Consider bringing Andreja along for the next part of your adventure, as she offers an interesting dynamic.

Go to Procyon III

Vladimir will inform you of an anomaly detected on his scanner, located on Procyon III. Your expertise in investigating peculiar occurrences makes you the perfect candidate for this task. Follow Vladimir’s instructions and travel to Procyon III.

Upon landing, you must use your scanner to track down the source of the anomaly. Open your scanner as you normally would to explore a planet and pay close attention to the larger circle. It will flicker and distort when you are on the right track. Slowly spin in a circle until the entire circle becomes distorted, indicating the direction you should head. Follow the path and you will eventually come across a peculiar structure rising in the distance.

Investigate the Source of the Anomaly

Approach the structure and explore its surroundings. Look for shifting stones that slide down, revealing a concealed door. Enter the structure, where you will discover an array of spinning rings and begin to float. Allow the rings to spin up, then navigate through the room, collecting small clusters of light. These clusters activate the rings in the center, granting you your first power.

After acquiring your new power, assign it to your quick-select menu as you would a weapon. The Powers menu can be found above your character’s head on the main menu. With your power ready, leave the building and make your way back to the Lodge on Jemison.

Return to the Lodge

Upon returning to the Lodge, showcase your newly acquired power in front of Vladimir. This will leave him in awe of your abilities, silencing any doubts others may have had about you. Conclude your conversation with Vladimir and prepare for the next quest that awaits you. 

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