Where is blacksmith in Stardew Valley blacksmith shop in game

Where is the blacksmith in Stardew Valley?

Among many of the buildings you will find in the Valley, one is perhaps the most important. So, if you want to get valuable upgrades for your tools, you have to find where is the blacksmith in Stardew Valley.

Clint – the blacksmith – is a funny NPC who provides a lot of useful service, but you won’t find him in the refined and glamour city centre.

Stop uselessly wandering around, and come with us to see where to find the blacksmith in Stardew Valley.

Stardew Valley – The blacksmith’s building location

Clint is a real workaholic and you can find him east of Pelican Town, since he is at work most of the time. From his shop you can purchase different valuables resources, but bear in mind, the price market is dynamic in the valley, so after the first year you are going to notice some price increases:

  • Copper: it costs 75 gold the first year, after that the price will be 150 gold;
  • Iron: it costs 150 gold, after that iron will cost 250 gold;
  • Coal: it costs 150 gold, after that coal will be 250 gold;
  • Gold: it costs 400 gold, after that gold will increase and cost 750 goal;

So, head east of Pelican Town, until the river. When you see the bridge, do as the Romans do, and cross the river. The blacksmith’s building is not far from there, right after having crossed the bridge you will find the Museum, go north and you are going to find Clint and his shop. Remember to visit him often and if you want to talk to Clint you have to enter the shop and look for him at the back of the building.

Now you know how to find the blacksmith’s building in Stardew Valley. If you are interested in other guides on this game here’s where to find grapes, how to catch carp and how to make wedding dress.