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Tchia – how long to beat the RPG game?

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Tchia is a heartwarming adventure game about a young girl who sets out to save her father from a mysterious evil. Players might be wondering how long this Zelda-inspired game is, so in this guide, we will answer the question: how long to beat Tchia?

 The game’s world is inspired by New Caledonia and is both unique and vibrant. Players can explore the diverse locations in Tchia.

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How long will it take to beat Tchia?

It is estimated that players will take around 12 to 15 hours to complete the main story, but there’s much more to explore if you want to find all the collectibles. You can find these by visiting shout points scattered across the archipelago. Collecting trinkets and pearls will allow you to purchase cosmetic items that personalize the protagonist, boat, and ukulele.

In addition to collecting, there are other activities that you can enjoy within Tchia to increase your playtime. For example, you can take photographs of the beautiful environments or play songs on the ukulele. You can even continue to enjoy the soul-jumping mechanic, which allows you to experience the game as a bird, dolphin, dog, or other creature.

Lastly, there are optional achievements that can guide you towards doing more than simply finishing the main story. These may require you to clear soldier camps or destroy Meavora statues. There are over 20 trophies for you to earn. Fans that want to achieve 100% completion and secure Tchia’s Platinum Trophy will need to put in extra effort and time towards that goal.

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