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Tchia chicken egg – how to get them

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Inspired by Zelda, Tchia is an action-adventure game with exploration, developed by Awaceb and published by Kepler Interactive. In this guide, we will take you through how to get Tchia chicken egg.

Upon starting the game, players take control of the main character, Tchia, as she embarks on a journey through a fictional archipelago that is inspired by New Caledonia. There are a lot of things you can find as you explore the map.

Keep reading to find out how to find a Tchia chicken egg!

Where to find a chicken egg in Tchia

One of the early tasks in Tchia is finding a chicken egg, and there is a fun way to do so. If you’ve always wanted to become a chicken, this is the ideal task for you. You got that right – you will need to turn into a chicken and lay an egg, in order to get it.

To get an egg, clearly we first need to find one of these birds. The first time you will see some chickens is in Hunahmi on Ija Nöj. They will be hanging around in the coop area, which is in the section of the settlement across the bridge from the Chief’s hut.

Once you locate a chicken, then it is time to Soul-Jump into its body. Once you are possessing a chicken, you will see a command prompt in the bottom left corner of the screen to lay an egg. On your controller, just press R2 to excrete this much needed delicacy.

After laying the egg, you can let the chicken go and jump back into Tchia. You can do this by pressing L1. Picking up the egg and shoving it in your backpack, by pressing R1, will complete the task. 

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