Chained Heroes Bog the real Gob mountains

Bog the real Gob Chained Echoes – how to find and complete

The pleasures of simple RPGs from the 90s, do you remember them? Just you, perhaps a couple of friends, sitting in front of the TV with no worries and no thoughts, except to finish the game. Perhaps that’s why Chained Echoes has been so successful, in bringing bac those simple times. But the game still comes with some tough quests, so we’re here to help those stuck with Chained Echoes Bog the real Gob quest. Here’s how to do it.

This is an example of a late game quest, which involves you having completed several things before even attempting it, so some players are rightfully getting a bit confused by trying it before they can complete it. That’s how Chained Echoes rolls, you have to be careful and always check what quests you’ve done before.

But fret not, cause we at Voxel Smash are here to help you. Read on to find out how to complete the Chained Echoes Bog the real Gob quest. Spoiler alert: he’s a real gob alright.

How to complete the Chained Echoes Bog the real Gob quest?

First things first, Bog can be found in Ograne Grottos, in the northeast section of the map. So, we mentioned things to do, so here is how to complete it:

  • There is a couple of quests that have to be completed first: cleared Raminas Tower, plus laying down all of the tablet in Wygrand Mines. The side quest “Goblin’s Dimella” in Rohlan Fields must also be completed;
  • Destroy a totem in the area of Wygrande Mines;
  • Get the elevator key from the office in Academy of Nhysa;
  • This will unlock the elevator, allowing you to descend to the lowest level of the Grottos, where you’ll find Bog the real Gob.

As for defeating the guy, we recommend having a party that is quite ready for a difficult combat. Use as many special attacks as possible, especially Sienna’s and be careful of Bog’s poison attacks, so keep a few antipoison potions on hand.

We hope this guide was useful in you getting to defeat Bog, otherwise you can always check out our other Chained Echoes guides.