How to Find and Beat the Fairy Queen in Chained Echoes

Chained Echoes Fairy Queen – How to Find and Beat

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In Chained Echoes, you will be fighting many enemies through the turn-based combat of the game. One of them is the so-called Assassin Girl, sounds scary right? In this guide, we will be discussing the Chained Echoes Fairy Queen and how to find and beat her.

Some enemies in Chained Echoes might be more difficult than others. They might require different strategies to beat, so you need to keep a cool head and plan out a strategy. Our Chained Echoes Fairy Queen guide has all the information you need.

Defeating the Fairy Queen might be a long ride, so sit tight. Keep reading to find out how you can find and beat the Fairy Queen in Chained Echoes!

How to Find and Beat the Fairy Queen in Chained Echoes

The first thing you will need to do to find the Fairy Queen is to complete the main quest of Chained Echoes. That’s right, this is endgame content. It will be activated after you have completed one of the final side quests of the game, which is Falfalaran Sings the Fairy.

Make your way to Tormund and the Adventurer’s Guild on the east side of town. There is a job board south of the Guild where you will be able to become bodyguards. Enter the gated mansion on the west side of Tormund where you will find Redhat. He wants you to collect the Crimson Wings from Fiorwoods. Speak to Redhat there and enter the Inner Sanctum.

There are plenty of monsters here, mostly Blow Fishes, and the path inside is terribly complicated. Explore the area until you come across a giant tree near a village full of fairies. 

You can fight the Fairy Queen here. She has only one weakness – fire. Here are all the attacks she will use.

  • Act Twice: Uses two moves in a single turn
  • Blinding Wings: AOE magical attack
  • Charm: Prevents a character from switching out
  • Lullaby: Puts a character to Sleep
  • Summon Thorn Flower: Thorn Flower explodes in two turns

Debuffing the Queen’s agility will take you far ahead, as you can get in six or seven turns by the time she gets one. Reduce her HP while using a healer to keep your team healthy. When she summons Thorn Flower, focus on taking it out first with Fire.

Once you have defeated the Fairy Queen, you will get a Grimoire Shard as well as a new party member called Magnolia. As for the quest rewards, you will get 2,000a and 25 SP. If you want more help on Chained Echoes, make sure you check out our full walkthrough, which includes guides for Canned Enemies as well as No Place For Happy Endings.