Chained Echoes Arthros - How to Find and Beat

Chained Echoes Arthros – How to Find and Beat

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Chained Echoes is a new JPRG with turn-based combat where you will be fighting many different types of enemies. One of them is called Arthros, a unique monster. In this guide, we will see how to find and beat Arthros in Chained Echoes.

Arthros might be a tough one because you actually need to defeat a couple more enemies before you can find him. Thankfully, we have a guide for just that.

Keep reading to find out how you can defeat this unique monster and make it through this part of Chained Echoes in our guide on how to find and beat Arthros!

How to Find and Beat Arthros in Chained Echoes

The first thing that you will need to do to find Arthros is to make your way to the Fiorwoods. In Chained Echoes, the Fiorwoods will be accessible to you quite early in the game. You will be familiar with it as you have used it as part of your training grounds. 

Arthros is the Unique Monster of Fiorwoods who will be on the west of Fiorwoods. This is a risky area as there are high-level Dragons here, so make sure you watch where you are going. Before you can find Arthros however, you will need to look for Ekskalibur. 

Make your way to the central area of Fiorwoods where you will find a small forest of trees. Here, you will need to perform a ritual of sorts. Circle around this clump of trees thrice to summon Ekskalibur. 

It’s not a difficult fight, so after you have defeated this monster, you need to travel to the bridge. It will take you to the west of Fiorwoods to find Arthros. Make sure not to leave the border of the woods, or you have to repeat the ritual again. 

At the western entrance, you will need to fight a Forest Wyrm. If your level is not high enouh, you might need to progress further in the game before you can beat it. After defeating the Wyrm, use the wooden platforms above to head southwest. 

Arthros will be at the corner of the map, northwest of the Transportation Stone. The battle will begin as soon as you enter this area and you will discover that this unique monster… is actually a small rabbit! It uses fire attacks and is weak to water, so make sure you take advantage of that. Using some water-based attacks, you should be able to defeat Arthros easily.

We hope this guide helped you on your mission to find and beat Arthros. If you liked this guide, you can check out our full walkthrough, which contains important tips and tricks for Chained Echoes such as how to get the Golden Voucher and more.