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Chained Echoes Ograne Grottos – how to find the boat

Sometimes you need some help in getting around, right? And even though some game might have a quick fast travel option, or perhaps some quicker way to travel, sometimes a boat is the best thing. We don’t want to drown in the water, right? Of course not, nobody wants that. So here’s how to find Chained Echoes Ograne grottos boat.

This has been confusing many players, since it’s required to access several quests like finding the Hana dolls, while it’s not that difficult to find the boat, it does require some going around and it’s also quite a late game thing.

Anyway, let us not dawdle any longer than necessary and let’s see how to find that fabled Chained Echoes Ograne grottos boat.

How to find the Chained Echoes Ograne grottos boat

So, to be very specific, you can find the boat in Baalrut Tunnels, but how to access those? Well, you need to get the elevator key from the office desk in Raminas Tower, which allows you to use the lift and go to the lower levels. This will give you a whole dungeon to clear, which is not that difficult anyway, after which you can head east to find the boat.

If you’re still unsure on the precise location, as the maps can sometimes get a little confusing, after you’ve cleared the grottos, be sure to look for the most northern fast travel point that you’ll find in Ograne grottos, then head east from there. Also, if you’re looking to complete the quest, be sure to take a whole trip: both round and back. There you go!

We hope this guide clears up the exact location of the boat and how to access it, but if you’re still unsure you might want to also take a look at our Chained Echoes walkthrough.