Chained Echoes Hana Doll Ograne grottos

Chained Echoes Hana Doll – how to find and beat

Have you been having fun with the jRPG throwback Chained Echoes? We know we have, and in the late stage of the game there’s a lot to do and it might be easy to be confused by some references here and there. But fret not, because we’re here to help, so here’s how to find the Chained Echoes hana doll and beat it.

This is a particular monster that we recommend hunting only in the late stage of the game, since the Hana Doll is no wimp and may quickly kill off even a party that has had no problems up until that point. You definitely want to wait until you’ve leveled up enough.

Are you ready then? Perfect, let’s not wait anymore and dive into how to find the Chained Echoes Hana Doll so you can give it the beatdown. Yes, we did just say that.

How to find and beat the Chained Echoes Hana Doll?

First of all, the Hana Doll is in a section of the Ograne Grottos, the one that requires you to access it either via the hidden desert or with Charon’s boat. That last area can be accessed by using the elevator key that you should have picked up in the Academy office, then using it on the tower elevator to descend.

Now, how to survive the encounter with the Hana dolls? keep in mind that the monster starts with 5000 stored damage which it shall unleash on your party at its first turn. So, you want to make sure to deal as much damage as possible before it gets that chance, as each point of damage you deal, reduces the stored damage.

Try also to use as many super moves as possible while trying to keep everyone alive as much as possible by using Heal All. If it doesn’t work then it might be worth it to spend some time improving your attack and defense, along with a couple of mini-bosses and side quests.

We hope this guide was useful in killing off the Hana Doll. If you’re having more trouble, be sure to check out our walkthrough and other tips on the best Chained Echoes formation.