Hogwarts Legacy fwooper feather - should you steal it hogwarts student

Hogwarts Legacy fwooper feather – should you steal it?

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The brand new Harry Potter game is finally here, and you will be able to cast spells like a real witch or wizard. As you progress through the game, you will be faced with a lot of options. In this guide, we will address the question of Hogwarts Legacy fwooper feather – should you steal it?

As a fifth-year student, you will probably want to fit into your new school. And that means making some tough decisions. Should you please the teachers, or show your loyalty to your friends?

Well, that’s what we are here for! We’ll help you navigate through the dilemma of Hogwarts Legacy fwooper feather!

Should you steal the fwooper feather in Hogwarts Legacy?

In your Potions class, you will come across a student called Garreth Weasley who will ask you to get a fwooper feather for him. This will make his potion quite impressive, so you might want to help him out. After all, friends who help each other stick together, right? You might even unlock a new potion early by helping him out. 

However, there’s a catch. The fwooper feather is in Professor Sharp’s office, and you will need to steal it. It’s actually pretty easy to take the fwooper feather as it’s right in front of you when you’re getting other ingredients from his office. But it’s wrong to steal, right? And besides, you’ll probably want to give a good first impression to Professor Sharp.

With this dilemma, you might be confused about what to do, so we will share both outcomes. If you steal the feather, Garreth will use it, but his cauldron will start making strange noises. As it turns out, he’s not a great brewer. Professor Sharp will figure out what’s wrong and suggest you start taking accountability for your actions.

And if you don’t steal the feather, Garreth will still mess his potion up—so there’s that. Professor Sharp will not pull you aside for this outcome as you didn’t assist Garreth. So, maybe it’s a good idea to not help Garreth after all? You can be the judge of that. 

That’s all there is to stealing the fwooper feather in Hogwarts Legacy. Feel free to check out our other guides such as the cache in the castle treasure location and how to get the broom and fly