How to Beat the Haunted Mansion and Botanical Horror in Sea of Stars Characters getting read to fight a giant creature

Sea of Stars – How to beat Haunted Mansion & Botanical Horror

During your pixelated adventures in the Sea of Stars, you will encounter strange and mysterious places that are ready to devour you and your party. Ironically, these places also contain a large amount of valuable rewards. So, you have to take risks if you want to make it big. Haunted Mansion is one of these locations and it contains a lethal boss called Botanical Horror. So, if you are uncertain about this entire location, this article will provide you with a simple guide to beating the Haunted Mansion and Botanical Horror in Sea of Stars.

You will have to solve some puzzles and also fight enemies. Exploring this place might take some time, as this place looks like a mansion but feels more like your usual dungeon with creatures ready to eliminate you at every corner.

Keep reading to find out how you can beat the Haunted Mansion and Botanical Horror in Sea of Stars.

How to Beat the Haunted Mansion and Botanical Horror in Sea of Stars Characters making a sandwich

How can you beat both Haunted Mansion and the Botanical Horror in Sea of Stars?

Beating the Haunted Mansion

The following are all of the important steps you can take to beat this place:

  • After you enter the Haunted Mansion, you can start your exploration by going right. You will have to fight several enemies speak with a chef ghost and unlock the campfire area.
  • Find a lady ghost and speak to her as well, then go to the fireplace area and open a secret room there.
  • Head back downstairs after deploying the ladder.
  • Defeat more enemies and reach the dining area.
  • Talk to the ghost there, and start the Master Ghost Sandwich Recipe puzzle.
  • To solve this puzzle, travel to the room northwest of the kitchen.
  • The recipe for the Master Ghost Sandwich is: 2 hepar, 4 dust, 3 sugar, 1 rust, and 2 slices of dread.
  • Go to the library area and start solving the puzzles there.
  • There, take the Knight’s helm from the king and place it on the knight.
  • Take the King’s crown and place it on the King statue.
  • Once you do this, another puzzle will be activated upstairs.
  • Change the order of the frames on the right to: Demon, Skull, Antler, and Bird.
  • Change the order of the frames on the left to: Bird, Antler, Skeleton, and Demon.
  • You will unlock the combo skill X-strike near the fireplace and clear the door to the right.
  • To get the Rainbow Conch Chest, you will need to garden in front of the maze. Then, Interact with the pot near the west wall. A path will open up and you can walk through it and reach the chest.

Defeating the Botanical Horror

To trigger this boss battle, keep moving north through the maze. When you reach the boss area, do the following to defeat it:

  • Use multi-target attacks as much as possible.
  • Save Garl’s Nourish for dangerous situations.
  • Be aggressive
  • After the flowers fall down, maximize 4 turns
  • Target its head.
  • Remember to use the majority of MP on attacks.

Keep repeating all of the above steps, and you will eventually defeat Botanical Horror. Once you do this, you will have to take on many other enemies, so be prepared for that.

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