NBA 2k24 Short Shorts - how to get them Character asking for a time out

NBA 2k24 Short Shorts – how to get them

Short Shorts are arguably one of the most important pieces of accessories in the NBA 2k series. Players always fondly remember the time they got these Short Shorts for their character. However, with the release of NBA 2k24, many players seem to be panicking, as they cannot find an easy way to get their Short Shorts in this installment. So, to help those players out, this article tells them how to acquire Short shorts in NBA 2k24.

Showcasing your fashion skills is really important in NBA 2k24. You have to express your identity through the clothes your character wears. Moreover, Short Shorts are just really aesthetically pleasing pants to wear.

Keep reading to find out how you can get Short Shorts in NBA 2k24 and how to use them.

NBA 2k24 Short Shorts - how to get them Character shooting hoops

How to get Short shorts in NBA 2k24?

Unfortunately, you cannot purchase Short Shorts from the City in NBA 2k24. Furthermore, you also won’t be rewarded with free Short Shorts for completing challenges. Currently, you can get Shorts Shorts by buying the Season 1 pass.

Once you get this season pass, you will automatically receive a pair of checkerboard striped Short Shorts. So, not only is it not free anymore, you have to actually pay real money to get a virtual Short Shorts for you character.

Remember to get the Pro Pass. It costs around $10 and along with the Short Shorts, you also get animated green release arm sleeve, a Ruby Giannis Antetokounmpo MyTeam Card, & a limitless range HOF Badge.

The availability of Short Shorts might change the future, as this game has just come out. But for now Season 1 pass is the only way to acquire Short Shorts in this game.

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