Blasphemous Viridiana - Characters is slashing the enemies

Viridiana Blasphemous – where and how to find help

Blasphemous is a challenging game that features various boss battles. These encounters can be quite difficult to overcome on your own, but luckily, you have the option to summon help from a woman named Viridiana. In this guide, we will walk you through the process of finding Blasphemous Viridiana and getting assistance from her in boss fights.

Viridiana is a central character in the game who offers her assistance and healing powers during boss battles. By summoning her, you gain a valuable ally who can help you overcome challenging encounters.

Read to find out where and you can find help from Blasphemous Viridiana. Where is that woman hiding?

Where to find Viridiana in Blasphemous

Viridiana can only be found before certain boss battles in the game. Here is a list of the locations where you can expect to encounter her:

  • Mercy Dreams: You can find Viridiana before the boss fight with Ten Piedad
  • Grievance Ascends: You can find Viridiana before the boss fight with Tres Angustias 
  • Convent of Our Lady of the Charred Visage: You can find Viridiana before the boss fight with Our Lady of the Charred Visage
  • Mother of Mothers: You can find Viridiana before the boss fight with Melquiades, The Exhumed Archbishop
  • The Sleeping Canvases: You can find Viridiana before the boss fight with Exposito, Scion of Abjuration

How to find help from Viridiana in Blasphemous

Whenever you encounter Viridiana before the boss battle, she will offer to assist you in the upcoming battle. It is up to you to accept her help or not. If you choose to accept Viridiana’s assistance, she will appear in the boss battle alongside you. It’s important to note that she cannot be attacked, nor can she directly help with attacking the boss. However, she will provide valuable support by healing you when your health drops to a critical level.

It’s important to note that you can only use Viridiana’s assistance three times. Each time Viridiana assists you in a boss battle, her appearance transforms, reflecting her journey and the toll it takes on her. She appears increasingly older with each battle, reflecting the weight of her sacrifice and the trials she has endured.

After assisting you in three boss battles, Viridiana will reach the end of her journey and pass away, granting you the Last Breath achievement. However, it is worth noting that you have the choice to keep Viridiana alive by refusing her assistance or simply ignoring her whenever she appears. This choice allows you to experience a different path and ending in the game.

If you can successfully keep Viridiana alive throughout the five boss battles mentioned, she will be present beside the final Prie Dieu of the game. In between the Crisanta of the Wrapped Agony and His Holiness Escribar boss fights. In this encounter, she will express her inability to directly assist you, unfortunately. But she will bestow upon you the Zarabanda of the Safe Haven Prayer.

The Zarabanda of the Safe Haven Prayer summons protective shields. They not only damage enemies but also provide the Penitent One with protection against projectiles. This powerful Prayer Spell serves as a token of Viridiana’s gratitude. She is grateful for your alliance and commitment to the arduous task at hand.

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