Crow eggs in Sengoku Dynasty - villagers are ready to hunt

Sengoku Dynasty crow eggs – How to Get them and where to find

In Sengoku Dynasty, players can embark on quests and unlock various skills to enhance their gaming experience. One such quest, the Tranquil Tribute, requires players to make an offering to the Inari Shrine. However, to complete this quest, players must first obtain a crow’s egg as their offering. In this guide, we will explore the methods and locations for acquiring crow eggs in Sengoku Dynasty.

Sengoku Dynasty is an action-adventure, survival role-playing game, where you need to build and manage villages in feudal Japan.

Read on to find out how you can get crow eggs in Sengoku Dynasty.

How and where to get Crow Eggs in Sengoku Dynasty

To begin your journey in obtaining crow’s eggs, you will need to speak with Chiyome, a knowledgeable villager in Sosogi town. Chiyome will introduce you to the Tranquil Tribute quest and guide you toward the Inari Shrine. Once you have received the quest, follow the path that leads you through a serene cherry tree-lined trail.

As you wander down the path, keep an eye out for a small rocky cliff located on the side. Climb atop this cliff, and you will discover a crow’s nest nestled amidst the branches of a nearby tree. Interact with the nest to collect a crow’s egg, a vital ingredient for your offering.

How to Cook the crow eggs in Sengoku Dynasty

With a crow’s egg in your possession, the next step is to cook it on a campfire. Find a suitable location nearby to set up your campfire and proceed to place the egg onto the fire. Allow the flame to work its magic, transforming the raw egg into a delicious cooked delicacy.

Once you have successfully cooked the crow’s egg, it’s time to make your way to the revered Inari Shrine. Depart from Chiyome’s hut and head east along the road. Persist in your journey until you encounter a small stream and a collection of climbable boulders. Ascend the boulders, ensuring you maintain your eastward trajectory.

As you continue, a wooden fence and a set of majestic Torii gates will come into view, just as Chiyome had described. Pass through the gates and enter the sacred grounds of the Inari Shrine, ready to present your offering.

Within the serene confines of the Inari Shrine, seek out the designated area where offerings are traditionally placed. Find an appropriate spot and gently position the cooked crow’s egg within the shrine, paying homage to the divinity of Inari. With this act, you will successfully complete the Tranquil Tribute quest and gain deeper insights into the mystical world of the Sengoku Dynasty.

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