how long to beat like a dragon ishin samurai on his back with a sword being held over him

How long to beat Like a Dragon Ishin explained

Gamers have been awaiting with bated breath the return of the classic Like a Dragon (formerly Yakuza) series. And this time, we are going way back in time, even before the classic 80s we have already seen in the series. But how long of an adventure are you in for? Rather, how long to beat Like a Dragon Ishin and all of its famous substories?

This is not strictly a new game, as this is also a remaster of a PlayStation 3 title which never came out in the West. But, still, it fills up some interesting plot details in the series and we can be sure the narrative will be thick and satisfying as expected.

But how long will the story be? Let’s find out how long to beat Like a Dragon Ishin. Everything you need to know is below, but you can check out our chapters guide if you want more specifics on each section of the game

How long does it take to beat Like a Dragon Ishin?

The main story will take around 30 hours to complete Like a Dragon Ishin. In order to complete all extra substories as well as the main campaign, it could take anywhere between 60 to 80 hours. This will also depend on how much time you choose to spend singing karaoke and playing poker in the gambling house. Don’t forget you can pet the dogs as well.

There are lots of different chapters in Like a Dragon Ishin, and it has a unique setting full of samurai set in feudal Japan, so you’ll want to spend lots of time stomping around medieval Kyoto and we don’t blame you.

Anyway, we hope that helps clear things up for you. If you want more tips and tricks on the Sega RPG, then you can read our plethora of other guides on the game such as soul orbs explained and how to use the blacksmith.