Like a Dragon Ishin blacksmith Kiryu with sword

Like a Dragon Ishin blacksmith – how to find and use

In the Yakuza or Like a Dragon series, weapons have never really been essential to the gameplay. Most of the time, it was all about the fisticuffs and the strong kicks. But in the latest game, things are different as it takes place at a different time so you have to take care of your sword. So, what about the Like a Dragon Ishin blacksmith, what is it for?

In every game in the series, cities have always been populated with shops or various people providing various services useful to the characters. The blacksmith is one of those services to which you will be able to have access.

But what is it for? Let’s take a look at everything you need to know about the Like a Dragon Ishin blacksmith.

Where to find the blacksmith in Like a Dragon Ishin

The blacksmith is located in the northern part of Umekojicho in the Rakunai region of the map. You can only access the blacksmith after reaching Chapter 3 because that’s when this part of the map opens up for exploration.

The blacksmith shop is called Kurogane Smithing and appears on the map as an icon of a wrapped-up parcel like all the other vendors in the game, so don’t look for a specific blacksmith icon.

How to use the Like a Dragon Ishin blacksmith

At the blacksmith, you can craft equipment (weapons and gear) as well as enhance them. Using the blacksmith’s skills, you are able to raise your skill levels and make use of a great deal of enhanced equipment.

To enhance equipment, you place items inside the seals. So, you will need the following:

  • Base equipment
  • Seals
  • Enhancement fee

In order to craft new equipment, it is a slightly different process as you will create new items from materials you possess. This is what you will need:

  • Base equipment
  • Enhanced materials
  • Hammers
  • Crafting fee

You will need to acquire enhanced materials and seals to craft or upgrade your weapons and armour. These rarer materials and items can be found in places like wells and by spending prize tickets at the games stall in Kyo.

Making use of the blacksmith’s talents is one of the best ways to always have the latest powered-up equipment and be able to perform better during combat, as well as raise your defense. Like a Dragon Ishin is a difficult game and relies heavily on you upgrading your equipment to take on the toughest bosses, so don’t skip it.

That is all you need to know about the Like a Dragon Ishin blacksmith. For more information on the game, do check out our other guides on the game, such as which songs you can karaoke and how many chapters are in the game.