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Is Like a Dragon Ishin coming to Gamepass?

While the Like a Dragon series brought players to various decades in the recent history of Japan, the latest Like a Dragon Ishin goes in a different direction. This time, gamers will be brought back to the old days of the samurai. But, as with other titles in the series, gamers are wondering: is Like a Dragon Ishin coming to GamePass?

This is definitely a sensible question, as many titles in the Like a Dragon (formerly Yakuza) series are already available on Microsoft’s gaming service.

But we are here to find out all about the latest title, so let’s take a look and find out if Like a Dragon Ishin is on GamePass.

Is Like a Dragon Ishin on GamePass?

At the moment, Like a Dragon Ishin is not available on GamePass. Gamers can find it on the PlayStation store, Steam and Xbox instead. But, we can definitely speculate if the game will come to Microsoft’s gaming service in the future. And, all things considered, there are strong chances we will see it.

When? We are not sure, at this moment. But lately, Sega has been busy adding titles from the Like a Dragon Series on the service, at the moment there are nine titles available in the series: the entire original Yakuza series plus the more recent RPG hybrid Like a Dragon came to the service a few months after release. Perhaps, in the next few months, Sega will add Ishin to the collection too.

About Like a Dragon Ishin

Released on February 21st, Like a Dragon Ishin is not a new title in the series. Iis a current-gen remake of a original PlayStation 4 launch title. It originally came out in 2014 as a Japanese exclusive. At the time, the series had not yet made its big splash over in the West, so the game was never officially translated.

Ishin goes back to the final days of Feudal Japan, so that players can expect to experience an entirely new story and characters which were not previously featured in the main series. Still, fans of the long-running series will find themselves at home, considering that there will be many recognizable faces.

Many actors from the main series are back. Expect to see the likes of Kiryu, Takechi, Majima and many other familiar characters. The story focuses on the Shinsegumi, a special police force which were tasked with protecting officials in Kyoto. Inspired by real life events, our Feudal version of Kiryu will infiltrate the force to find the killer of his beloved mentor.

This is all you need to know about Like a Dragon Ishin coming to GamePass, we will be sure to update this guide as soon as we have more news. But check out, in the meantime, our full walkthrough and how long to beat.