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Like a Dragon Ishin chapters and how long to beat

If you’re a lover of Sega’s Yakuza series, then you’ll love Like a Dragon Ishin’s feudal Japan setting. But, like those other games, you’ll be spending many hours trying to complete all of the Like a Dragon Ishin chapters – when you’re not spending your time farming or gambling, that is.

But how long will it take to beat all of the Like a Dragon Ishin chapters? Luckily, we spent the time playing through the whole game so you know what to expect. Maybe you’re near the end and just want to find out how long is left, or maybe you want to find out what each of them is called to see if it hints at what happens in the story.

Regardless, you’ll find everything you need on the topic below. We’ll even throw in how long each section takes to complete because we’re nice like that.

Like a Dragon Ishin chapters

Like a Dragon Ishin, like its Yakuza brethren, is an RPG, which means there are lots of things to do and places to see. Overall, there are 14 chapters in Like a Dragon Ishin. These are:

  • Chapter 1Escaping Home
  • Chapter 2 The Man Named Saito Hajime
  • Chapter 3Mibu Wolves
  • Chapter 4Joint Struggle
  • Chapter 5 – The Iron Code
  • Chapter 6 – The Ikedaya Incident
  • Chapter 7 – The Two Ryomas
  • Chapter 8 – The Mad Dog Howls
  • Chapter 9 – Feud of the Ages
  • Chapter 10 – True Identities
  • Chapter 11 – The Great Gamble
  • Chapter 12 – Kyo Ablaze
  • Chapter 13 – The Assassination of Sakamoto Ryoma
  • Chapter 14 – Dawn Breaks

Like a Dragon Ishin – how long to beat

Each chapter will take 2 to 3 hours to complete. This means that to finish the game, you are looking at roughly 28 to 42 hours to complete all the chapters in Like a Dragon Ishin. This is how long it will take to complete the Sega RPG if you focus only on the main story missions. If you choose to spend time in the gambling houses, performing karaoke, or chasing down sidestories, then the game will take closer to double that number for you to roll credits.

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