Dead Space remake peng treasure opening the locker

Dead Space remake peng treasure – how to find it

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Dead Space remake, the latest chapter of the space horror franchise has been out for a couple of weeks. Players will be able to revisit a revamped version of the original 2008 horror survival game. There is plenty of loot scattered around in the spaceship, such as the Dead Space remake peng treasure. In this guide, we will show you how to get it.

You will be playing as Isaac, an engineer who finds himself on a spaceship invaded by aliens. He needs to make it out alive, but there are horrific alien monsters in his way. 

He needs your help to defeat them all, so let’s check out where to find Dead Space remake peng treasure!

How to find the peng treasure in Dead Space remake

The remake has retained many objects from the original experience, and one of them is the Peng Treasure. However, the location of the treasure is different, which is why players might be confused about where to find it. 

You will be able to access the location of the treasure pretty early on in the game, but you won’t be able to reach it. It is actually present in Chapter 1. However, you will need to wait all the way till Chapter 11 to actually get your hands on the object. Thus, you will need to progress further with the main story and play all the chapters. 

When you get to Chapter 11, you need to make your way to the Cargo Bay area. The quest that you need is Engage the Cargo Crane. Once you have activated it, you will need to take the cargo lift to the lower level. Turn to the left and look for some boxes which you can move with Kinesis. Behind these boxes, you will find some lockers and a poster of the treasure you are looking for. 

That’s it, open the left locker and you will find the Dead Space remake peng treasure. For more guides, make sure to check out where to find master override locations and how to get stasis prototype and what it does.