Plasma cutter upgrades Dead Space Remake – where to find them

Plasma cutter upgrades Dead Space Remake – where to find them

The newest chapter in the horror space saga by Electronic Arts has definitely many fans satisfied. Fight the necromorphs, solve the mystery and try to make Isaac reach the end of the game while still alive. You’ll need to be well equipped, so let’s look at where to find the Plasma Cutter Upgrades Dead Space Remake.

In the game, each weapon will have several upgrades, with a web of choices that you can make your way through as you play. While some upgrades will be minor, others will definitely bring some much needed stat boost. If you’re not sure on which weapons to use, do check out our best weapons tier list.

But enough waiting, here are all the Plasma Cutter Upgrades Dead Space Remake and where to find them.

Where to find all the plasma cutter upgrades in Dead Space Remake

Upgrades to the starting weapon, the Plasma Cutter, can be found in several chapters in the game (two, three and eight). Each upgrade will bring along a new feature to the cutter. Let’s look at them in more detail:

  • Ishimura Clinic in chapter 2: Each shot fired will bring damage to the enemies over time;
  • In-game store in chapter 3: Upgrades the ammo capacity;
  • Communications Hub in chapter 8: Melee attacks done with the cutter will cause the enemies to be knocked back.

But these are not the only upgrades available. In the Ishimiura to find there are: six Damage upgrades, three Reload Speed upgrades, three Rate of Fire upgrades, and eight Capacity upgrades. Overall, you will need to collect 23 nodes to max out the upgrades.

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