like a dragon ishin another life young girl asking for help to pay rent

Like a Dragon Ishin Another Life tasks and how to unlock

We all know what it’s like to stomp around the streets of Kamurocho in the Yakuza series, but what about the dirty streets of feudal Japan? The Like a Dragon Ishin Another Life quest is unique to this time period because it involves rural farming and other activities that just can’t be performed in the city of faux Tokyo.

In fact, the Like a Dragon Ishin Another Life quest is one of the best and most wholesome quests in the whole game. After all, who can resist becoming a turnip farmer to help out a poor little girl? However, you’ll need to know how to unlock the quest in the first place.

Below, you’ll find everything you need to know about what you need to do to find the sidestory. You’ll also find out all the tasks you need to fully finish the mission too.

How to unlock Like a Dragon Ishin Another Life

Another Life is unlocked in Chapter 4 of Like a Dragon Ishin. You will meet a young girl in Ryo called Haruka who has lost her parents and needs to pay her landlord the rent she owes for her house. This starts a sidestory. You will vow to help her come up with the money she needs. Luckily, her house has a garden and you can grow crops and perform other activities to earn the money you need.

All Another Life tasks

To help Haruka earn the money she needs to pay off her landlord, you can perform lots of different activities, like growing crops in the garden. Here are all of the tasks you will need to perform to fully complete the Another Life quest:

  • 22 farming
  • 29 fishing
  • 22 cooking
  • 1 trade
  • 6 pets
  • 4 Haruka’s trust

Follow these steps to fully complete the Another Life mission and pay off Haruka’s landlord so she can live in peace.

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