Best beginner tips in Desynced - drone attacking a monster hive.

Best beginner tips in Desynced

Are you having a hard time progressing through the early game? Here are the best beginner tips in Desynced to help you in the early and mid-game.

Desynced is a complex game with a steep learning curve which makes it easy to get overwhelmed when starting out. Thankfully, with the right tips, you can make the learning curve significantly smoother and avoid some of the most common mistakes in the game.

In this article, I will list the best beginner tips in Desynced to help you get started and progress through the first stages of the game.

Best beginner tips in Desynced - drone exploring the map.

Best tips and tricks to get started in Desynced

Our best tips are to always try and balance production and exploration, plus increasing maximum power early as that can be a big help. Despite Desynced featuring an in-game tutorial, there are a lot of interesting features in the game. With dozens of items, multiple types of research, and various paths to follow in terms of progression, it’s easy to feel lost and overwhelmed when first starting the game.

Once you understand a few of the core concepts in the game, you’ll be able to progress much more easily without making some of the most common mistakes.

Let’s look at more of our best tips and tricks in Desynced.

Balance production and exploration

While the main goal of the game is to focus on increasing your production, exploration is equally important. Make sure to always have a drone exploring for monuments as it’s a great way to get late-game resources before unlocking them.

Also, the only way to get Datacubes early on is by exploring and you’ll need them to research Gateway Technology.

Increase maximum power early

While the main quests guide you towards the material research path, you’ll also need to always check your available power.

You can see it on the top left and it’s important to increase your power early on. Solar Generators and Wind Turbines will be your best friends that will make sure you always have enough surplus power.

This will make it easier to build more drones and production buildings later without having to worry about power.

Always build more workers

Workers are the only way to increase your resource production. This makes it important to build as many as you can early on. If your power can handle it, the best thing you can build is drones and then Fabricators to increase Metal Ingot and Plate production.

Even if you don’t need to increase your resource production, build more workers, connect them to the network, and they’ll help transfer materials around.

Build defensive turrets

In the early game, it will feel pointless to have turrets around as enemy monsters won’t attack your base. However, one of the best tips in Desynced is to have at least a few turrets around your base.

When enemies attack, you should have some form of defense or they’ll start taking down your defenseless workers. Especially in the mid and late stages of the game, turrets will be essential.

Experiment by crafting every item

Desynced has amazing depths and you’re able to craft dozens of items, some of which can seem useless. However, I highly recommend crafting random, seemingly-useless items. This is because every item has some purpose and they might turn up more useful than you thought.

Especially if the cost is low and you’ve researched it, it’s well worth crafting random items to see what they do in action.

To sum up, these are the best tips and tricks in Desynced that will make starting a new session significantly easier. After all, the game’s tutorial can’t explain everything as there’s a lot of depth in Desynced. For more guides, check out how to get the Bright Steel Ring in Remnant 2 and all romance options in Palia.

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