Like a Dragon Ishin prize tickets old samurai drinking sake

Like a Dragon Ishin prize tickets explained

If you’ve been knee-deep in the samurai era, going back to some crazy stories in the Like a Dragon latest title, then surely you have been having quite some fun. But perhaps you’ve also seen some shiny things laying on the ground, what are those? Let us explain the Like a Dragon Ishin prize tickets, so you are up to speed.

Basically, if you’ve been wandering around a bit you surely have noticed things sparking on the ground. This is probably not a new thing if you’ve played any of the previous games in the series, as other games featured, for example, keys you could open lockers with.

But what are the Like a Dragon Ishin prize tickets used for? Everything you need to know is below.

Where to find Like a Dragon Ishin prize tickets

All over Kyo, you will find prize tickets on the ground. You can find them by looking for shiny objects on the ground and interacting with them. But that’s not the only way, since certain stores also sell prize tickets. If you gather them up, you can use them to participate in prize drawings. This will allow you to win new items and even some rare weapons if you are lucky.

How should you use them though? Just head over to the lottery stands that you will find in Kyo and hand over the tickets you have collected so far. The lady will tell you what items you have won this time, and if you didn’t get anything of value do not worry! Just try again later with some new prize tickets, fortune will certainly favor you.

This is really all you need to know about how to use the Like a Dragon Ishin prize tickets. But that’s not all the information you might need, so head over to our other guides such as how to find Takechi and how long it takes to beat Like a Dragon Ishin.