Dead Island 2 cdc disposal key location explained aiming at zombie

Dead Island 2 CDC disposal key location explained

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Sometimes, video games have items or areas that can either be a helpful resource or a deadly trap. In this guide, we will take you through where to find the Dead Island 2 CDC disposal key.

In Dead Island 2, there is a Suspicious Container that players can come across, but it can only be opened with a special key, the aforementioned CDC one. This is where our guide comes in handy, as we will show you exactly where to find the key and the container.

Let’s find out where to find the Dead Island 2 CDC disposal key!

How to find the CDC disposal key in Dead Island 2 

So where is the key? You can get it from a non-playable character (NPC) named CDC Viscera Cleaner. This character is ironically not doing much cleaning, but rather a lot of vomiting. So, it’s best to keep your distance from him while he is in this state.

To defeat him and obtain the key, it is recommended to use ranged weapons like guns. This is a good idea so that you can keep a safe distance. Once he is defeated, simply pick up the CDC Disposal Key from his body.

Now that you have the CDC Disposal Key, it’s time to locate the lockbox. The container itself is actually a red trash can, but don’t let its appearance fool you – the contents inside are valuable.

So there you have it! By following our guide, you can safely obtain the CDC Disposal Key and unlock the Suspicious Container without any trouble.

That’s all you need to know on how to find the Dead Island 2 CDC key. For more guides like this, make sure to check out where to find the cable guy van key and how to complete the trick kick challenge