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Chained Echoes call of nature – how does it work?

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With a deep and engaging storyline, Chained Echoes is an RPG that offers a unique experience to keep players hooked for hours. In this guide, we will take you through the passive skill Chained Echoes call of nature.

Players can customize their character with a variety of equipment, abilities, and skills. One of them is call of nature, and players might be wondering what it’s all about.

Let’s find out all about the passive skill Chained Echoes call of nature!

How does call of nature work in Chained Echoes?

Call of Nature is a passive that provides an array of benefits to your character, such as increases in attack, magic, defense, mind, agility, and critical chance. This depends on the number of equipment your character is wearing.

If you have all four pieces of equipment, it won’t give you any bonus. However, you can expect a slight bonus of approximately 3% if you have three pieces. Having two pieces of equipment will give you a larger bonus of around 15%, while having only one piece will yield an even larger bonus of around 55%. Lastly, those without any pieces of equipment will be rewarded with the largest bonus of 125%.

Note that Crit % is affected additively by items/passives, and multiplicatively by buffs. The biggest boosts to Atk are +20% from Bracelet of Power/Warrior class and +30% from maxed Atk Up passive/crystal. The biggest Crit% boost is +15% from Life Thread/Gambler class/Crit Up passive/crystal. 

Additionally, the Call of Nature buff trades a potential +70% Atk or +45% Crit for +15% to all stats. This doesn’t seem like a good trade for damage output. Sienna can use it in an evasion build, with +55% to all stats and Crit Chance reaching 100%. Silver Lining/HP Drain can sustain the buff, but beware of multiple hits in a turn.

That’s all for our guide on call of nature in Chained Echoes. Looking for more tips and tricks? Feel free to take a look at how SP points work and how to get to Phyon Oasis