Dead Island 2 trick kick challenge - how to complete it - zombie hitting

Dead Island 2 trick kick challenge – how to complete it

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Dead Island 2 has plenty of fun melee abilities at your disposal to slay zombies with. In this guide, we will take you through how to complete the Dead Island 2 trick kick.

One of the many abilities available in the game is the Jump Kick, which can be obtained through a Skill Card. This skill allows you to knock down any affected zombies and is a useful way to escape when you’re trapped by a horde. Who doesn’t like kicking down a few living dead?

However, hitting three zombies with a single jump kick requires some practice and skill, so here’s a guide for you. Let’s find out how you can complete the Dead Island 2 trick kick.

How to complete the trick kick challenge in Dead Island 2

To ache that Trick Kick Combat Challenge, you must kick three zombies with your foot while doing a Jump Kick. It’s important to note that knocking down multiple zombies by kicking one into them does not count for the challenge.

To complete the challenge, you should first equip the Jump Kick skill card in your Skill Deck. You have two options to do this: using the Dropkick or the Flying Kick skill card. The Flying Kick ability might be a better option, as it allows you to jump higher and covers more distance, making it easier to hit three zombie heads at once instead of knocking a single zombie into the group.

To perform a jump kick, press the jump button and then the jump kick button while in midair. On a PlayStation 5 controller, you would press the X button to jump and the R3 button to perform the Jump Kick.

To complete this challenge quickly, you can gather many zombies in a hallway at the Halperin Hotel or at the sewers as well. Use either a hotel room or the first sewer rooms, so they can’t attack you from behind. Kick each zombie until their stamina is low, but not completely down. Then, use your Jump Kick skill card to knock down three zombies at once.

We hope that this guide helped you complete the Dead Island 2 trick kick challenge. If you need some help with this game, feel free to check out where to get the comms area keycard and the Nikki prize key