Why are skope servers offline in Dead Island 2 server room

Why are Skope servers offline in Dead Island 2?

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Are you ready to battle against the zombie apocalypse in Los Angeles? Well, we sure hope you are, because we are answering an interesting question here. In this guide, we will take you through why are Skope servers offline in Dead Island 2.

You will come across Skopes which are small devices in many houses and stores throughout the game. Some players may find the Skope server offline message to be a bit perplexing. This message pops up when you attempt to interact with one of the Skope devices.

Let’s find out why are Skope servers offline in Dead Island 2!

Dead Island 2 Skope servers offline

The Skope servers need to be reset, and you will do that as part of the quest The Search For Truth. The Skopes are smart speakers, which cannot be used while the servers are down. While the game doesn’t provide much information about the Skopes early on, you will eventually learn about them as you progress through the game.

If you’re exploring the Bel-Air region early in the game, you’ll likely encounter a Skope device in the display room of Curtis’s house after completing The Death of the Party side quest and gaining his house keys. However, attempting to interact with the Skope will trigger the Dead Island 2 Skope Server Offline message.

As mentioned to reset the servers, you’ll need to complete a quest called The Search For Truth. During this quest, you’ll be tasked with resetting the Skope servers in the Ocean Avenue store, which will enable you to interact with the Skopes and speak to them.

While the Skopes don’t serve any further purpose beyond this, your character will still acknowledge them whenever you look at one and press the button prompt, calling out the Skope AI’s name.

Now you know what Skopes do in Dead Island 2 and how to fix the Skope server error when it arises. For more guides like this one, you might want to check out how to beat the quest my mailman was a zombie and where to find space fox 2250 key